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NPC not looking at each others...


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have you set headtracking to off in AI package ?? Not sure if it is the same for oblivion but new vegas and fallout 3 can set head tracking to off in AI package.

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Nope. Don't have that in OB, it's more a general settings. Maybe my ini went wrong but I don't know why...


I use look in script, worked fine before, not anymore and it's not part of AI but a direct command...


Thanks for your help though.

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If you mean the total controllable skeleton disabling head tracking then yes growlf is aware. He did it to stop npc's from doing a head spaz deal. It is one of those compromises that they have to settle for to get the other benefits of that skeleton. You have to do some ini changes and such with that skeleton as is listed on his descriptions page.


Most people use the controllable skeleton which requires no ini changes and has no side effects (but it also doesn't have the in game scalable features of the other). :)


The things that have to be done to work within this blasted game engine....:(

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Well thank you kind sir. Disabling head tracking is a no go. Major turn off, I never understood why people will do it, except for an all Zombie mod...


Sad; as Chain Beast is a good original mod but with the Exorcist behavior of captives it looks just comical...

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