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Slof's Boners with Lovers PK: Don't Touch!

Guest GingerTom

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Guest GingerTom

I suddenly noticed that my character no longer had a 'boner'--I wasn't too worried about it because it was obviously just a small case of impotence. But it continued to happen...


Then I put two and two together and realized that (as I used to do before 'Lovers'_ I had gone into the testinghall and scooped up all the boners like always.


I read here somewhere of someone else having no boner, so, my point is, it looks like you have to leave your boners alone--and don't play with them--if you want to see them show up in 'Lovers'.


Of course, it still could have been a case of impotence...

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it looks like you have to leave your boners alone--and don't play with them--if you want to see them show up in 'Lovers'.


All the inuendo in this post. :D


Serious question though, I've been trying to find a thread dealing with how to give the boys in my game bigger tools without any luck. I've tried the different prepackaged boners included with Lovers, but is there anything closer to PapiDemelo's XXXL dicks for Oblivion? I know to much length would dork up alot of the animations (unless you're going for "overpenetration") in Lovers, but a little length and some crazy girth shouldnt mess things up to bad, no?

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Slof's boners version 5 does have some rather large "tools" that will work and not cause goofiness as far as the animations go. Get the "tools" too big and yea it starts to really look silly.


You can easily replace your default body lovers mesh with one of slof's "tools" so that you don't "have" to go to the testing hall. Simple switch out of the lower body mesh is all that is needed.

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I have occasionally had this problem, it is somewhat intermittent for me, I believe the problem stems from SetBody, but I am not sure.


anytime someting is equipped depending on how it is equipped it can force its self to stay on the player or NPC


such as in


EquipItem whatever  ; this can be removed easly
player.EquipItem whatever 1  ; this can not, and will try to stay on.


this is a coding problem. I am somewhat guessing, other mods also could do this, I do it sometimes in my mod's.


But at end of ordeal, or plot I remove them, sometimes people forget to do this. Or just fat finger mistake, which I do a lot :(

In cases like that you could wind up with a piece that will require a scripted removal to change it.


also Loverspk some additions moved the folders for the penis additions around, and some mods have done this also. if after you disabled the mod the folders stayed due to some pluggy command, or ini change. You could still have the active effect of that mod. even with it turned off.


These are just mostly idea's that you might look into.

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