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  1. see i respect Niur, sure he releases to patreon first. but he doesn't KEEP everything patreon exclusive cause he does eventually make them public for everyone on the nexus.
  2. i just bought this game and mygod, some of the female digis DESERVE to be nuded or at least lewded up around their tits
  3. Currently i've been deep into rimworld, something about it just hits me right
  4. now i have a new problem.. i do not understand the dudes installation instructions.. can someone tell me in PLAIN english? nvm, figured it out
  5. so i saw these mods, but i don't see a single download link on the deviantart pages, am i just being dumb?
  6. denied, cause weather is always crappy i wish i wasn't so odd
  7. good news, a new cure emerges for cancer from the agony
  8. banned cause it's been too long since i've banned the kitty
  9. no it doesn't, the game is really unfriendly to mods
  10. banned cause i said so an my word is law
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