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Shivering Isles


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I got the GOTY edition this past steam sale, and so far, CLS has been working brilliantly. Up until the point where I need to go to the Shivering Isles. For some reason, I cannot start that quest, and therefore can't continue with CLS. I read online that I have to ask the guards in Bravil for rumours, and they will say something about an island popping up, allowing you to start the quest. I have asked every single guard, but nothing. Anyone else has had this problem? Is there any way to 'force start' shivering isles via the console or something?

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You mean for the shivering isle island to pop up? It pops up for me after a certain amount of time in game I jut play till I get a message stating that a island has appeared.


This is how it happens for me also, confusing at first, since I had no idea what it meant!!! ;)


So I just wait a long time for SI to appear? I've been playing CLS for a while, taking my time, waiting and sleeping at times for almost whole days. How much longer might it take?

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I was asking all the guards for rumours, but none of them mentioned the island. I thought that was a requirement for the island to open, but once I swam there, everything worked out fine. I should have just gone there in the first place, but I was under the impression it would not open until it became a quest to go explore.


Now I got there and on an unrelated note, i'm trying to solve the puzzle and going crazy, I don't get it at all, everything is blurry so seeing the columns and coulours is hard, and even checking the walkthrough, i havent solved it. Giving it a few more tries, it can't be that i can't solve it. 

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