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Making Skyrim twice as large!


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Greetings everyone


Just thought I'd point out an interesting thread on the bethesda forums: Potential Skyrim Enlargement Mod


It is about increasing the scale of the landscape by x2, while objects and houses and such still retain the original size, thus effectively doubling the size of the landmass.


I think it might be very interesting if such a mod is made early in Skyrims life, as it might be used by modders to add more objects such as forts, castles and bigger towns.


Just thought I'd share and see what you guys thought of this idea.






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Interesting concept and I'll admit I didn't read through the entire thread but it sounds like more trouble than it's worth. The scaling and linking issues that could pop up would likely take a long time to iron out, not to mention the mod essentially being useless unless modders accept it as a whole.


I like the idea of more areas to explore but I'd rather see a new landmass created instead of just stretching out the existing one.

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The existing landmass in the game already has all of Cyrodil' date=' parts of Elswyr and Morrowind. Why don't they just build on what's already there?



Reserved for DLC.


Maybe one of those at best but I doubt they would commit to it really. I just don't see them using an entire land for dlc when they could devote an entirely new game to it. Maybe allowing you to fast travel to JUST the Imperial City or venture into parts of Morrowind but I think they'd probably pull up another oblivion realm or a larger underground cave network.


I think its best for modders to use what space is there already and add more beyond the boundaries once we have a better idea what the upcoming dlc will be. Nothing worse than creating a whole mod or location and having it stamped over with new official content.

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I don't use fast travel' date=' so the idea of twice as much ground to cover is horrifying.



tbh in skyrim (and morrowind + oblivion) landmass isn't that big, bethesda just has the habit to make roads and stuff wind like hell. (see the path to high hrothgar, for an extreme example) if you take the direct path (if there is no mountain etc. in the way) you'll get to your targets a lot faster...

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I would like bigger map aswell. The game probably cheats with our eyes because like others said the real distances are way shorter what you would expect when you look at the distances you see on the map.


If any knows this game as its pretty old now and the first MMO I ever played and the one I loved most: Asherons Call. Only for fun I ran from South side of the map to the far North, it took me hours to reach that point. It was a dangerous run but so much fun (dieing was a pain those days). But I guess thats to much asked for a RPG...

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