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Getting Started with SexLab - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Question: I don't have a "Tools" folder
Answer: You are most likely missing one of the FNIS files, please make sure you have downloaded them all and try again from step 2.


Question: My character and NPCs are "gliding" around with their arms by their sides
Answer: You have not generated the FNIS behaviour files, please see step 8 onwards.


Question: I don't have any options to start sex

Answer: You have most likely not installed any SexLab mods or have not activated them, you can find mods listed here and here.


Question: FNIS says "Creature Pack not installed"
Answer: You have most likely not installed the Creature Pack, please try again from step 4 after checking you have FNIS Creatures downloaded.


Question: Is there a specific load order I need for all this?

Answer: Not Really, as long as all SexLab mods are below SexLab.esm you should be fine.


Question: Could I possibly install this through the Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer?
Answer: Technically it is possible, however I do not give support for this.
Question: Can SKSE be installed using Nexus Mod Manager and Mod Organizer?
Answer: No
Question: <File name> does not exist when I go to download it!
Answer: Use the latest available version of the file
Question: Is FNIS Idle Spells v4.0.2 - ADD ON for the spells required?
Answer: No, its optional as stated in the guide


Question: Is FNIS Creature Pack 4.1 required?
Answer: No, its optional as stated in the guide
Question: Is there a video on how to do this?
Answer: No, there doesn't need to be one. Just follow the instructions and you will be fine.


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