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Is there a dialogue Guru in the house?


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Agghh! I've just spent 4 hours trying to learn to add some Maternity Services to the Medical Clinic, like Pregnancy Examination & Abortion for the Player, Cass & Veronica, just crashed GECK and lost it all, around 2 hours of dialogue...... :/


Anyone interested in setting something up for me and I can merge it in then add the scripts & conditions afterwards, then copy it over to the other doctors.


Should we creat a seperate Dialgugue Quest and get all the Doctors to refer to it in their Greeting perhaps?

Maybe that would make it easier for somone to throw something together in a seperate esp and I could merge it into the Pregnancy esp.


I was also planning to have it set up so in hardcore mode some pregnancies could only be terminated at the clinic or places with high tech surgical facilities.

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I can write dialogue' date=' but I am horrible with everything else. I would be glad to write some for you. Just tell me exactly what to do and I'll be on it.[/quote']

It's not the writting of the dialgue as much as geting it set up in GECK :)

But basically what's needed is an extra option on the Doctors Greeting dialogue that leads to options like:

"Would you like me to check you for pregnancy for 50caps?"

"Would you like me to perform a Pregnancy Examination scan on your seriously Bloated friend Cass for 200caps?

"Would you like that umm thing terminated & removed from Veronica before it kills her? It will cost 500Caps for the proceedure."


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Yeah all doctors & auto docs should be able to detect pregnancy, and they could all perform a normal abortion, I'm going to add a flag later so Cazador, Spore Pods and maybe some others will require high tech facilities to remove.

That would be fantastic, if one of you guys to throw something together, it gives me another dozen hours to get back to coding and I'll learn how it works by adjusting it later.

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