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New To Fall Out: New Vegas


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Guest endgameaddiction

Check out Gopher's youtube videos - Fallout Mod Clinic. It'll help you get started. He's even made really good mods that are essential.


I'll list some of the popular mods I used to use in my FNV days.


A World of Pain -adds more interiors which are very lore friendly. Much much more to explore.

Project Nevada - makes the game a bit more immerse

Momod v10/10a - adss more monsters to the playground

Angel Park/Angel Park Remix

IWS - Increased World Spawn

IWR or OFT - Removes the ridiculous invisible barriers that shouldn't be in there.

WMX - Weapon Mods Kit which is one of the best weapons mods out that modifies weapons much better.

MCM - Mod Configuration Menu which is a source used for most of the popular mods like Sexout on here.

FPS Weapons Wheel


There's more I can list, but I'll let others spew them out.

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New Vegas Bounties 1 & 2:  Bretty good Questlines.  The first one is more linear than the second one, though.

Precision Collision - Clutter NV:  Makes it easier to stack clutter items without them exploding everywhere.

Classic Fallout Weapons New Vegas:  Adds a bunch of weapons that were in the pre-bethesda Fallouts.

And all the stuff that was said before me.


You might also want to check out J Sawyer's mod if you have the all of the DLCs and think that NV is 2ez.


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If you are playing F:NV for the first time, I wouldn't mod it to much. The original game is worth to be played as it is.

As mentioned you could look for some interface/landscape/body enhanchment as described in gophers videos ( http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8A4093B638E377E0 ) This videos are very helpfull at all.

But if you want to use sexout (some day) do not install NMM, use FOMM!

I would not install any additional quest, overhaul or balancing mod untill playing the game as it is for a while. You will figure out what you are missing (or not), and then you can look for the mods you need for your stile of playing the game.

And if you are running a non-english game you should be carefull with those mods to.

If you plan to add some adult contend to the game, and you want to use sexout, to my opinion you should decide which kind of a 'sexified' New vegas you like. But thats another chapter ...

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Does anyone have Angel Park Remix V2? A google search come up with a link on bbs.3dmgame...but the 115 link is dead..and has been for sometime...I would love to do a Remix v2 run. I am in Full Fallout mode right now..and it kinda bums me out to see great mods...and tons of work just get lost to obscurity...especially over Nexus shenanigans. Thanks in advance!

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 That being said; I see absolutely no reason not to install New Vegas Interiors.


Well, it's nowhere near as complete as DC Interiors was, and since it changes so many locations, it will inevitably conflict with a multitude of other mods which use vanilla buildings. So that's two reasons. But, overall, I agree that NV Interiors is an amazing mod and it's always activated in my modlist. I just wish it was as complete as it's FO3 predecessor.


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