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When you think about it, it actually starts to make sense...


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I'd like to hear what you guys think...


Also, please remind yourself that I am not attacking people for anything, I simply find it funny how we do this to characters and completely ignore factors that (in real life) would completely affect this kind of thing.

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I always found it a bit distasteful as weird as it sounds. Am I the only one who thinks it looks way hotter in full platemail? :P


Yeah, I'm kinda like that too. If she's practically nude, it leaves nothing for the imagination, plus a woman in full armor is harder to get at, which makes it all the better when you finally get at her :P

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Usually I would go along with the "yup, women should show off more skin" consensus but in this game it makes more sense to show off less skin since you're living in a snow covered tundra.


On the flip side of that though, if there ever is an Elsweyr game I expect the armor to be bikini tops and thongs, for the sake of consistency of course.

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