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  1. These are some of the highest quality animations I've ever had the pleasure to witness, and what makes it even better is the well ordered and easily previewed .gif section.
  2. Are there any mods out there that deal with a generous amount of pubic hair, by any chance? Haven't found any!
  3. Hey! I think I'm doing this request right, right? There's a lovely animator by the name of Gone on these forums doing bestiality animations. He's got 4 animals finished so far, but he does not know (or does not have the time) to implement them into the game for the average player to use. The thread with progress is located here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/19526-wip-bestiality-animations-post-your-suggestions/ My question is, could someone make these available for use? I don't mean in some type of rape mod (altough that'd be amaaazing) but just through a spell, or by typing in a script even (like the zaz animations)... or maybe I've misunderstood how these things work?
  4. Hey there! I'm using the latest version of Sexis, and for some reason 1-2 works but 3-6 doesn't. I can't change animations strangely enough, but I used to be able to i nthe old versions!
  5. That'd be great! It feels a bit strange to lose combat only for my character to go "Yes, fuck me! Wooho!".
  6. Just downloaded the mod, and I've got to say... wow! Easily the best mod sex animations out there, no contest. I've tried the Skyrim Nexus Adult show and Animated prostitution, but they were pretty stiff (pun intended!) and often models would fail to align properly. Sexis is really fluid, looks natural and it all fits perfectly. The options to realign, change scene and go back/forth between stages is great! The added options for rape at defeat and such is lovely aswell. Can't wait to see more of this mod, both on its own and while it's being used by other mods.
  7. I've seen a stone one in the Guild of Mages in the Imperial City
  8. Sevendaze: Those look gorgeous! Ploms: I love the muscular Orcs! A bit masculine, I like it!
  9. Doesn't he make a ton of voices apart from that thief, though? I think I've heard his voice on various shopkeepers and random people.
  10. Don't buy it from steam, but it from direct2drive.com (or co.uk if you're from europe like me). It's a lot cheaper than Steam but you get the same deal, can preload it on Steam and all that.
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