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  1. These are some of the highest quality animations I've ever had the pleasure to witness, and what makes it even better is the well ordered and easily previewed .gif section.
  2. Adore this very grim type of animation. Definitely looking forward to more!
  3. That's so obscene, I love it!
  4. This looks immensely promising, but don't forget to take care of yourself also
  5. Love the way you portray the mix of struggle and submission!
  6. You need to go into creature animations and enable it there, and then most likely cast a necro spell on her!
  7. How do I get the guro animation? I'm sorry for the question, but I'm not quite sure Edit: Oh nevermind, I found out on my own! Neat! Still, the problem with the Giantess and facing the other way while hovering mid-air still bothers me a bit. Maybe I installed it all a bit incorrectly? Not quite sure!
  8. I actually have the same problem, now that I've got it installed! The Giantess faces the wrong direction and quite some distance away, and her models face is all messed up.
  9. Loved the animations- going to try and get them ingame! Cheers for all your hard work, for being so new at it you're really quite amazing!: )
  10. The contribution you've made to this community is ludicrous, mate! Cheers! So many high quality animations, we're quite spoiled
  11. Wow, cheers for the quick responses guys! This forum is great
  12. Why don't you go to a website like Darknest, and ask the storywriters there if you may include their stories in your mod?
  13. I've got a slight problem, hah! Everyone is making use of the Beastess crawling animation. What uh... what did I do wrong?
  14. Would just like to pop by and say again that the work Panic put into this mod is fantastic, and I'm loving all of it! Thanks!
  15. Mainly looking for erotic or nude ones, but generally... any helpful mods! Anyone here playing?
  16. Take all the time you want and need, mate! You've done more than enough as it is!
  17. Really looking forward to these animations, they're easily the best ones out there
  18. The problem with animating oral is that it is not easy to animate them, spessielt when the dingdongs of the monsters are bigger than a baseball bat . My priority right now is to make penetration animations but when i feel that i have made enough of them, is it possible I make some oral animtions. The penetrating animations are juuuuuust great! Hahaha, no need to rush oral!
  19. Is there a definite or finished way to incorporate these animations into another mod, by importing or overwriting? They're brilliant!
  20. Cheers! I'll check them out once I've finished Gladiatrix 1.
  21. Thanks! Do any of the above involve any type of rape, or non-con?
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