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Inside Gaming Awards 2011 - Game of the Year


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Obvious, true, but now I definitely feel that much better about holding off on buying the game right away. Because, now, I can expect a GoTY edition to be released next year, which should (hopefully) include all the expansions and DLCs like what they did with Oblivion for the same retail price that they're selling Skyrim right now. Even if they were to sell it a bit higher, I'd still save money compared to buying all the extras one at a time. :)


It's just too bad I'm missing out on so much right now, like the whole "I took an arrow to the knee" meme.

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I always hated that shit.

I’m not dogging Skyrim... I'm playing the hell out of it, but even when I was writing reviews and editorials for a gaming site some years ago I never agreed with how people do their game of the year selections. How can a game that has only been out for 1 month tomorrow even eligible for nomination? Soooo you're saying that you managed to do all of your nomination selection, voting, tallying, count verification and ceremony in a months’ time?




There should be a deadline for when nominations can be submitted, so in my book, Skyrim should be on the 2012 list. You have a list of games which have been great hits for a better part of the year, even to the point of being boring already to some, and they're going to award GotY to a title that is not only still riding high on their release hype, but trying to release a proper patch!


Again... I love Skyrim... totally GotY material....for 2012 when people actually have a chance to play and form a real opinion about it!


Its shit like this that made me give up writing about the industry. I got disgusted by it all.


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You're right, Kodiak. I've always wondered about this but it's one of things that I've learned to kind of just let go because no amount of ranting is going to do any good. Like you, I completely agree that Skyrim is a great game. I've yet to personally test it myself but after seeing all the screenshots, gameplay videos, and even production videos, I can tell that it's definitely GoTY material. But, for a game that came out only recently, we do have to wonder how it immediately got the award compared to other potential games out there that have been released earlier and have matured due to updates and user reviews. It's almost as if the award system was totally rigged; perhaps the judges were biased or, hell, even PAID to give the award to a certain candidate. Yeah, I said it.

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What? Dark Souls wasn't a candidate?!?!? While Dark Souls isn't my pick for GOTY, it still is an extraordinary masterpiece of a game and seeing that it wasn't on the list BAFFLES me! I honestly refuse to find these GOTY awards legitimate or worth-watching by completely ignoring many excellent games, and (as Kodiak said) enter a game in a month after release.



Damn kids, probably couldn't get past the Asylum Demon without rage quitting...

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I could've called this shit whenever previews started coming out for the game.


Not a slam against Skyrim but come one, award shows are terrible in general. When you enter the territory of GAMING award shows? Come on...


The "journalism" (and I use that term lightly) and quality of media outlets for the gaming industry... Well, they're fucking terrible.

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The Witcher 2 wasn't even nominated??!? WHAT THE FUUUUUCK!??!??!


sold out shit


Holy shit I completely forgot to mention the Witcher 2! That game is fucking amazing! Now I hate spike even more!


And Sayori speaks the truth.


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Let's face it.

I'm proud of what guys from CD Red did but Witcher 2 never had chances for GOTY


1.Only Polish people are familiar with Sapkowski novels and Witcher universe.

2.PC only.


Most of the other GOTY games are multi platforms, and if note they have been in gamers mind for a long time (Zelda ) and have loyal fans.


So it was obvious that people (since it was gamers who voted for winners ) didn't vote for Witcher 2 but for games they like and know for long time )


Sad but true.

Let's hope Witcher 3 will be even better to be finally taken serious.

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HanPL I completely agree.


However, my fear for Witcher 3 is that if they decide to include consoles that they end up "dumbing" it down! :(


Witcher (the first one) was largely a sleeper hit and to this day a large amout of people have never heard of or played it! Quite sad as it is a great game.


In my opinion W2 was even better but stop and think of the advertising that some of the other games had. I never once saw an ad for witcher on anything but a pc gaming website. And with being PC only (as you stated) and Zero advertising it was doomed. Hell, I am just glad they were mentioned!!!!

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