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Noob question:


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This is probably a silly question to post in this thread, but I didnt see it worthy of its own thread and the title fits.


After you have done the mold with Michelle for SQ2 I believe, she invites you to help her with something. She says am I invited next time I sleep with them (or so I think I read), Ive tried now several times next to Lydia or Michelle but nothing happens, something I am missing here or just too hasty on it?

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Sorry that i hijack this Thread but i didnt wanted to make a new thread extra for my question;


I played CLS Chapter I&II a while ago (and it was awesome btw, great job!) and now i wanted to play the new CLS Chapter III. but apperently you need shivering isles for it cause my game gives me that message everytime i want to start a new game with CLS III (created new char).


So, is it somehow possible to play Chapter III without shivering isles? thanks in advance.

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Nope, you'll be stuck at some point. You can try to play it and you'll miss some meshes but sooner or later you'll need to go to the isles so that'll be a mod breaker.


Sorry. You can find second hand versions of SI for 10$ on eBay, it's only two beers and it'll worth it, if only for CLS :)

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I'm new to CLS so I have some questions.


1.)Just to clarify that if I install Chapter 3 I'll be able to play Chapters 1-3, correct?


2.)Are the chapters individual stories or 1 big story?


3.)When chapter 4 is released does anyone know if it will be compatible with the saved games from chapter 1-3? I don't know how it was with the past release. I ask cause the author on the nexus says chapter 4 is almost finished and if it's not compatible then I'll just wait to play until it's released.

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In order:

Yes; Big; Yes.


The CH1/ 1&2 incompatibility with CH3 was due to major changes in animation engine. This won't happen again. Now that I've released CH3 complete version you can safely play it and wait for CH4 to go on.


One note though, save often and when you know your character will take a big decision, save through the console with a name you'll remember so you can roll back and change your mind to explore other options in the mod!



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