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Is there any way to change CLS body tipes?


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You can simply overwrite the folder meshes\Clothes\VToy\MeshMix


Uncompress the BSA and copy meshes\Clothes\VToy\MeshMix to your data directory (delete the uncompressed BSA afterwards).


The chose the one you prefer among them and copy it renaming it like other files in this directory. Animation will clip though.



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well, when i read the mods description (CLS 1) and then found the second and third part i was stunned and waiting for it to get debugged so i would play it.

but then i saw the screenshots and there was NOTHING with E-Cup only DMRA, F-Cup and above like H-Cup.

sure everyone ahs his/her own preferences, but i like C-Cup to E-Cup.

so i would love a replacer for this.

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Lol indeed I like 'em big!


Here are all the body types of CLS. Use nifscope to check them if you want but basically body1 is nubile/flat, body2 is more or less normal, body3 is just a bit fatter.

Body4,5,6 & 7 have huge melons.

Body8 is normal.

Body9 is like Body2.

Body10 is huge.

Body11 & Amazons are related to the sumuru and close to Body3.

Body14 is a variation of 5, very huge.

Body15 is by far the worse for you!

Body above 100 are variation of above.


So what you can do is place in your data\meshes\clothes\vtoy\MeshMix\ the nif files included in this zip.


Check the ones you like and overwrite the ones you don't with them.


For example: copy Body1.nif and rename it Body7.nif in order for BT7 to like BT1.


Boddy6, 15,115 & 215 are quest related. You can change them and it'll work but the quest related to them will not really be coherent. It won't change the game logic though.


Overwriting the BT will make animations clip, but again, won't stop the game from working.


Happy gaming!

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You can but I don't know what Impact it'll have on NPC inventory.

The way I fake different body types is for NPCs to have tokens in their inventory. when I need to dress/undress NPC, I call a function that check the number of tokens and use the appropriate mesh.


If you mess with the inventory or lock the aspect of the NPC by forcing a mesh on it, the game will probably crash when the VtoyFnude function will be called.


Also, I don't really know :)

Give it a try and tell me how it worked, it'll be interesting to know!

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If you give me a screenshot I can try to check for you' date=' otherwise, open the console and type "coc vtoygb3" look at the NPC and tell me which one is the closest. Or you can even kill one and check her inventory (don't save!).



i'll just open my current body and those from the meshmix in nifskope and compare ;)

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Well yes, the filers are compressed in the BSA!


Check the file on the Nexus about changing body types for the correct procedure. Then you can either find some bodies you prefer (in one nif) or you can use BSA extractor to use some of the ones used in CLS.


OBMM integrated BSA extractor won't work, CLS's BSA is too big!

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