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walk animations not working with DMRA?


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Just did a fresh windows install and a new oblivion install. I decided to try out the DMRA with a wiggle butt and boobs. However, I can't get any walking animations to work now. Any thoughts? I've tried deactivating and reactivating NoMaaM, as well as gave Mur Zik a try. No go on the sex walk or fleeing japanese girl run :(

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As a test, you can try making sure that the Mur_zik sexy walks animation is at the lowest possible in your load order (if you're using OBMM). Also, remember that if you create a new, fresh character, the sexy walk does not really take into effect until the next time you restart the game and reload the save. For female NPCs, however, the effect should take place immediately. But of course, you'd need to have two separate sexy walk mods: one for NPCs and one for your own character. This leads me to my last point, which is if you still experience problems then there could be a mod conflict. If anything, you may need to redownload the sexy walk mod or look for a different one.


NOTE: I personally don't have NoMaaM so I can't comment on whether or not that had affected the sexy walks, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

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Well, I'm trying noMaaM again... it doesn't seem to do much at all, frankly. Didn't seem to obviously alter anything, except maybe more bounce when running. I'm a little disappointed that I can't seem to find a BBB mod that is in effect for all animation all the time. DMRA or D cup... sigh.


Been playing with my D-Cup character more the last two days. It's looking like my animations may be over riding the BBB. No bouncy bouncy when in "martial arts" fighting and idle. (Animations replacer personal 3.0.omod). Just found a thread in between typing this that may hopefully address my issue.




Found a similar topic in the forum (http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=1267) but I'm thinking the link I needed was the one that is dead. So... lessee... is this an issue of a missing .esp? Perhaps there's some conflict between NoMaaM and animation replacer? Anyone have idles or "fighting stance" animations that still retain BBB?


-another update-


It looks like the likely culprit is "sephs hand to hand animation" in the Animations replacer personal 3.0, and possibly Ge Up Animation Replacer and DMC Stylish. I'll have to research further on the later two. hopefully I can find BBB enabled versions or something better. A nice swaying back and forth with bounce would be a kick ass idle.


-and another-


Looking at the http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=1454 thread now... fingers crossed it has my answer :P

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Just make sure that all the npc's have bbb armor and clothes and go to the imp city market place and watch all the females bouncing around. Pretty damn funny!!!


You have to be careful about which animations and/or clothing/armor you install and equip folks with as all it takes to stop the bouncing is one or the other not being compatible and........no bounce.

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And again, make sure that the walking anim esp you are trying to use is at the bottom of your mod list in obmm. That is very important because there is another issue other than just what animation is in the folder. Sometimes a particularly unclean esp makes a change to "Player" the NPC, and that resets alot of the animations to default.

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