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Feet & Body shaded/lit wrong? (SOLVED)

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Been having lighting troubles on my skyrim PC and NPCs feet, and have no idea why. Seems like the way the feet are lit up is inverted, and I can't for the life of me figure out what's causing the issue. Think it could be related to Sandow Plus Plus (changes normals based on body weight) but I love that mod and would prefer not to lose it.


I'm using BnP Female as installed, unmodified, and late in the load order in Mod Organizer, so I have no idea what might be causing it. Any advice?20240610225221_1.jpg.eda292fad8a64e359d4b6f7a126b477a.jpg



The texture issue you can see there is caused by missing normal maps, in this case, the femalebody_1_msn.dds file. In this specific instance, there's a lot of mods at play. The Sandow Plus Plus mod was ensuring that a different normal map was being used on the body based on the weight slider, but the feet were still using the default texture that was missing, in this case, a missing femalebody_1_msn.dds specifically for Dunmer, as I had Race Based Textures installed, and had forgotten to uninstall it. (That mod also doesn't play well with the latest versions of Skyrim, so if you have it, I'd recommend throwing it out)


Changed the title to hopefully help more people find the solution to similar problems.


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Solved the issue! :^)
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7 hours ago, Tlam99 said:

The normal will never be reset in race menu. It has to be done in the mod changing the normal.

Apparetly, this mod is not doing this.


Turns out Sandow plus plus was the only thing making the body shading normal! Disabled the mod and the feet and body suddenly BOTH had weird shading, which means the problem was with the femalebody_1_msn.dds file. Gonna' mess around with it, see if I can fix it.



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