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Why there is no Sex Dungeon Keeper?


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After checking out Pretty Warrior May Cry (terrible name btw), I couldn't resist installing and playing Dungeon Keeper II again. I can't belive I forgot about this masterpiece. It's amazing, sandboxy, filled with humor game with ORIGINAL concept. It's made by Peter Molyneux, but he lost his vision (DK, Black and White, Fable I) and started making Fable sequels. He doesn't have license for doing Dungeon Keeper III anyway. I f*****g hate Electronic Arts for having this license and not doing anything about it.



I can understand resons behind not creating official sequel, but why there's no Dungeon-Keeper-like sex game? Because japanese developers bother only with not even interactive animations sold for 25$ each? Come on, DK game concept fits perfectly. Seriously, I'm suprised, that no one attempted to create this. Even as text game.


P.S.: Picking up Mistresses and dropping them never gets old :D

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I am right there with ya Med11.


I played DK1 and 2 until my fingers bled. LOVED those games. Played multi-player at LAN parties. GAWD that was fun times.


But alas.. the talking heads in suits clowns killed any and all hope of ever extending the joy of DK..and if it's not bug-eyed, bat-eared, purple hair and karate chops.. the Japanamation dev's don't want to do it.


As a side note.. There IS a "Nude Mistress" mod out there. I used to have it, but that was 5-6 computers ago, and have since lost many a HD.

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There is a Japanese game named "Nest Building Dragon"(巣作りドラゴン) with similar concept by "softhouse chara". It doesn't have 3D graphics or awesome animation, texture etc. But you can build your own dungeon and capture specific heroine. The problem is the intruders are basically dots on the map and you don't have much option to treat the captives other than having one or two sex scene and recruiting. I still think you may appreciate that if you like Dungeon keeper. Much like most Japanese games it is not infinite, you got to make an ultimate choice on which heroine to stay with.

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I could see some fun DK2 stuff. Especially the fairies. Maybe have some "special" chairs/wheels in the torture chamber. Or even mod a bit more and have male creature rape female creatures (again, that sexy fairy comes to mind). *sigh* Oh well.

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