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Need some help modelling clothing to fit bodies

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I've been following this guide





does anything look off in there to anyone that knows that they're doing? I can import the body, and the armor. I can mold the clothing/armor to fit the body. Then I import the skeleton and have it parented, but then things go a bit sour when i go to export. When I try to load it up either it crashes my game or I'm just a floating head. could anyone help me out?


edit; I'm trying to help Halstrom out on his pregnancy converstions. This is basically what I ended up with after like 2 hours of work. I think it's close, it's just missing something. It doesn't crash the game, it's just invisible. here's a .blend and .nif


http://www.mediafire.com/?uw6f46q632p5ok2 after nifskope

http://www.mediafire.com/?m43dl47vv294dgu after blender, before nifskope


Any help would be vastly appreciated.

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Make sure shadowmap is selected in your export settings. Not only does the guide not mention it, the button is cropped out in the screen shot.


Also, responding to your PM would have been easier if you had PMs enabled.

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Did you make sure the suit had a skeleton you had to delete when you imported it? Importing nifs without skeletons leads to stuff like this for me and it's a real bitch to get it fixed.

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yeah i made sure i didn't have any skeletons before importing a skeleton for the new mesh. If you could grab those 2 files I'm sure you could tell me super quick. It can't be anything that complicated.

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I meant did the file you import have a skeleton? If the file you import doesn't have a skeleton that you delete, then it won't be setup for the skeleton you import later to parent to it, and it won't display ingame.


Also, I just took a look at the nif in nifskope and I have no idea what you did. All that green gobbledegook with the silo shapes shouldn't be in there.

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Ok, i've imported the P1 body to model the suit after, deleted absolutely everything (skeleton, meatstuff) but the actual one piece body.


Now i've imported the actual suit. Should I delete the meatcaps and skeleton(scene root) or leave the meatcaps? If you're still there that is, I don't blame you if you bailed :P

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All right, now I got the suit modeled good enough for now. I should delete the body that I Imported as a base, then select everything(meat and meatcaps included) and then import a skeleton? (using the import + selected as parent) (also been using the BBB skeleton, that shouldn't be an issue right?)


last time i deleted the meatcaps so we might be on to something.

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Only delete the body if you don't plan on having any skin showing at all aside from head and hands.


Also, to make sure you get everything, select a part of the model then tap ctrl-A twice before parenting the skeleton. Do it again before exporting.

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Yeah. You need to set the shader flag on any visible skin to skin, and enable windowenvironmentmapping flag on every different part of the nif.

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Got an error that reads:

Cannot export mesh with unweighted vertices. The unweighted vertices have been selected in the mesh so they can easily be identified. Then my legs went into a wireframe.

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That's not something I know how to solve - usually for me it highlights some parts I can work around' date=' so I delete them.



Ok, here are my export settings. If everything looks right here, I'll let you off the hook. :D



Really though, thanks I know you didn't have sit there and go step by step with me.

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Tried it with some other clothing and got it. The butt is doing some weird things but other than that it looks great. Thanks so much loogie.

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Cool, what ever is easy for you mate is good for me, there's no panic, start with easy ones, many of the outfits shouldn't be possible to have P4 & P5 versions unless they are torn. We won't need every outfit in NV coverted just popular ones, MercArmour & Combat Armor & I'm thinking a Power Armor eventually.

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Unless it had a removable front panel! :P


(But that would be silly)

Like Power armor that really is just a too heavy hardsuit because it doesn't have any apparent servos or hydraulics? :)

I was thinking it would have to be in sizes, but there's more important stuff to do, a formal dress would be good to, pregnant version of the Slinky dress.


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