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LOTD Skullcrusher is invisible and the official Discord mods are being unhelpful

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Skullcrusher is invisible when wielded.

It appears in my waistband and on displays without problem.

This is only happening with Skullcrusher. None of the other weapons are having this issue 

I checked Xedit and there's nothing interacting with the Skullcrusher item.

I tried to present the issue in the official Discord, and I censored my LO because it wouldn't make sense for Sexlab to interact with JUST the Skullcrusher and nothing else, but they were zero help.

So here is my full degenerate LO and pictures of the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

NOTE: The overwrites in the Xedit are not NSFW mods and are replacers for items unrelated to Skullcrusher






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I may be completely off base here, but I wonder if  you have a missing mesh,


The wall display (and maybe the carried version?) are probably ground object meshes separate from the wielded weapon.  Do you have loose files or is everything packed in a BSA?  You could check to see if you have the model from the xedit screenshot in a meshes folder:




or check if that filepath is correct.


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