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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey


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Anybody else played this?


I want away for a few days... away from regular things, regular games, away from modding...

I threw it all away and left all my ongoing projects on standby


And I played this...

"Dreamfall: The Longest Journey"





Just like that


What a fucking beautiful game... I mean... I know it's old... but it all just felt like... well.. a dream


Spoilers ahead:

Despite the ending when I was like "Oh no you didn't! You didn't just kill April Ryan!! YOU DIDN'T!!! SHE'S NOT DEAD!!! April can't be dead!! I refuse to believe that!"

It's not a large open world, it doesn't have a wide variety of quests or exploration options, the storyline is quite linear and you don't really have any other options than to go forward on it, maybe the combat mechanics aren't the best the game industry can offer


But you know what?

I'll forgive all of it... and I mean ALL OF IT


Because more than a game, it's a story, a movie, something you can just watch because the characters are so deep and they all have their stories and it's all just like really fucking awesome

Beautiful landscapes... a bit of a reminder of what was going on on Morrowind mixed with a bit of Narnia and a somewhat cyberpunk world on the other edge.


Now they left a really open ending... they didn't answer half of the questions one has and they left a shitload of unfinished crap

But I'm guessing that's for the sequel coming out on 2014 "Dreamfall Chapters"... which I'm eagerly waiting  :)

Oh jeez... After what I found The last game should have been called "The Longest Waiting"...


Just felt like sharing

Thanks for reading

Feel free to share more experiences and say something nice if you want.


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Ofcourse I played this. I love this game but I love the first game more.


Give it a try.

The Longest Journey.


It's the story of Apri Ryan, how all of it started, the balance, dragons and everything else.


And now after many years of waiting the creator of the series did a Kickstarter for the sequel of Dreamfall, called "Dreamfall Chapters: The longest journey"  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/redthread/dreamfall-chapters-the-longest-journey


You cannot understand how I felt when I saw that, I was excited, hyped and with a broad smile stamped on my face for at least 5 days :D  One of the best stories so far

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I think I will!

Even with all the... point and click thingy...


I'm still happy they're gonna make the sequel, just found out yesterday after finishing the last game

They had to use a site to raise the money... now that's having initiative


No big corporations means no big monetary interests and less high-level power control

Is a more free game


So a bit more waiting...


This is gonna be awesome...



Happy Halloween!

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Only issue that I had with Dreamfall is that it supposed to be episodic(and next part got cancelled) and it ended with cliffhanger.

But I really liked it, and I'm not  adventure games lover.


I wonder if that game from crowdfunding will continue Zoe story.

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