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Talk Prompt Staying on Screen During Animations

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After upgrading to 1.24, my animations are fine, but I've noticed that while the animation is playing, the prompt "press [E] to talk to" stays on the screen the entire time, sometimes over the animation scene itself, which is pretty distracting (screenshot attached).  I'm running SexLab with the most recent editions of SexLab Submit, LoversComfort, SexLab Aroused, and Matchmaker.

A minor quibble is the Ragdoll Ending, which I prefer, but keep untoggled for now, because the camera goes back into First Person during the ragdoll animation, which is pretty jarring.

Those are the only issues I'm seeing.  Astounding work on these mods!  Thanks for making Skyrim even more incredibly immersive.


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Always been that way. The message appears if your character's direction or whatever happens to point to someone before sex. Just type tm in console to disable all your hud stuff. 



Ok , funny i dont remember it being that way :-/ (should suggest an auto TM function...hm)


Thank you for reply


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