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Starfield Screenshot Thread

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We all know we're going to have one of these at some point, right?


Here's my guy, mad scientist Frank Henstyne, playing around with photo mode.




I was originally trying for a Batman looking-out-over-the-city shot, but the overlay makes him look so perfectly 1950s pulp SF, it's hard to argue with.



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Edit: I uploaded it to the LL servers.


New Atlantis far in the distance, still in the same biome (part) of the planet.


It looks pretty awesome. I was WOWED seeing this. I am wearing the "Grandparents" UC armor on this pic. I currently HOPE for Legendary and Advanced versions of this armor, because it looks the fucking best IMO. It reminds me a bit of the Mars Marine Suit of "Bobby" in "The Expanse". It's awesome.


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Frank about to run the Red Mile.  Couldn't resist hamming it up a little.




Or a little handsy with Mei Divine for that matter :D




This was on the way to confront a certain cavalry major.  I couldn't have set it up better.



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On 9/9/2023 at 1:30 PM, Resdayn said:



:classic_ph34r: so far enjoying my experience, wish we had more poses in photomod tho

> Sweet squirrel in space has quite familiar expression on her face to this one.:classic_blush:  Would you be so kind as to introduce us to your character??

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