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  1. I watched 7/8 of season 1 so far and liked it. I only played the first Witcher a bit, same with the second, but played through the third. Some actors kinda feel cheap tho, i don't know, the effects are good and all, but the last tiny thing that makes it perfect is missing somehow. Imagine watching GoT and there is a small tiny thing missing, like the dragons or something. It feels like somethins is missing. Well that is probably because of the big shoes, GoT is representing, in this analogy. They just had a huge budget at the end, and we knew all
  2. Any news about the catsuits?
  3. I had my fun yesterday for 9 hours of the beta on pc, it's like fallout 4 but bigger and without mods and savegames, the quests are also just the fetch and kill quests not really different from FO4 in my opinion. Did play 9 hours leveled up to level 9 1/2 and didn't even die once, broke down a lot of weapons to get mod blueprints and ressources etc. it's kinda fun.
  4. Es wäre ja wohl am sinnvollsten mal mit den wichtigsten Mods anzufangen, wie Devious Devices Assets, Expansion und Integration. Und auch Sexlab bzw. Redux, vielleicht noch ZAZ Animation Pack V8.0+ oder wie das neueste heißt. Und vielleicht Devious Cursed Loot, einfach so das man erstmal Prioritäten setzt. Simple Slavery, Devious Loadscreens, Shout Like a Virgin wären auch nicht verkehrt.
  5. Just wondering are the new catsuits in the latest dev branches?
  6. Reboot #1 kinda sucked, but reboot #2 was pretty good. #1 sucked because it has many many bugs and the performance on PC was horrible.
  7. You really think this looks terrible? Maybe you should go see an ophthalmologist. If you watch the video in 1080p of course it looks like crap, just sayin.
  8. I have this problem in my current save, after a while the dialogue just vanishes and i have to use the debug mcm option, over and over again. I already thought i triggered the problem, because i updated Bondage Furniture World mid playthrough but i guess, it didn't do anything any wrong and DF is the problem. Probably not gonna play Skyrim for a few months now anyway, so im just gonna start a new game, when i will start playing again.
  9. Yeah well it really happens over and over again sometimes, even if you try to talk to the same npc. Sometimes it takes like 2 or 3 minutes to actually be able to talk to someone... of course ppl are angry about it.
  10. Yeah well then the mod author should fix it asap, this is really annoying.
  11. Yeah gold control should be optional in the MCM and not always forced on.
  12. Just increase the poll interval of all the "events" in the MCM Menu of Devious Devices. It's normally set to 1.5 i think, if you set it to 3 it only gets (played) half so often etc. just increase it to a point where it doesn't annoy you anymore. I think mine is at 8 or something. So it happens very rarely.
  13. Just wondering if your mod reaches it's final version update, well the point when you say your mod is done, are you still gonna release some updates for new devices that get added with DD 4.2 for example? I mean it shouldn't be so much work then right? Only adding new devices as possible deals or whatever. Isn't it maybe just some copy & paste at some point, after the most work is already done? I have no idea about modding, but i guess if the most work is already done, and it's only about adding small new updates, this shouldn't be a problem right? I know you want to move on to
  14. Yeah that would be great, also made combatible to the gags we have, so there is no clipping. It would be fantastic even.
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