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  1. This Ivy uses the same body like my pc and all of my other npc`s or is it unique somehow? If it`s not unique i may give it a try and change the face and hair and body because Ivy is ugly as hell IMO.
  2. It work`s fine with DD4 Here a screenshot of my char with DD4
  3. mods, load order, what am i doing wrong?

    I probably gonna try reinstalling all body related mods and hope for the best then. Thanks for the reply anyway.
  4. mods, load order, what am i doing wrong?

    I got double body problem in first person view any idea what the problem could be? I tried replacing the 1stpersonfemalebody_0.nif and 1stpersonfemalebody_1.nif with the files from 1st Person Double Body Bug Fix but it didn`t help. I reinstalled XPMSE and The Joy of Perspective but it didn`t help either. The Problem is i don`t really know when it happened that i see double body so i have no idea to narrrow it down. I only installed a few mods yesterday Game Events, More Perks per Level, installed the newest ddi, ddx, dda dev branches, and updated Devious Follower from 0.9 to 1.1. Load Order Export from NMM.
  5. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    I get problems if my game runs with more than 60 or less then 25 fps with all the hdt mods maybe sometimes ppl just get a very hard fps drop that kills the animation, and aren`t even aware of the fps problematic.
  6. SexLab Skyrim 100% Run - Who's done it?

    I might do a complete 100% run in a few years if we got it all for SE and with a new pc that can handle the game in 4K rockstable 60 fps with ENB and every heavy graphic mod there is. I got a very good pc but it can only handle 1080p with a lot of ENB stuff because of CPU limitation of all the scripts and shit. With a custom SLI profile and without some effects due to flickering because of SLI i can play SE in 4K but without ENB. Gonna need a single GPU hardcore PC for that in the near future maybe in 3 or 4 years. Well who knows we might get TESVI soon. Hope we get sexmods for that pretty fast then. If the game makes me drool alone because of the graphic then im gonna try that 100% run. I probably already did it all at some point well except the hearthfire houses i never liked that and the artifacts never collected them either. But everything else yeah done it but always in different playthroughs. I mean you know how it is you install new mods fuck something up or there are a bunch of new mods or updates and then at some point you have to start a new game. After SE was released i made one playthrough completely vanilla as a male char never did that before, and never gonna do that again.
  7. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    +1 To only struggle if attempting to unlock without key. It would be nice to be able to skip it with the end button like sexscenes. Next time I play I will probably just turn them all off in the MCM it`s just so annoying.
  8. It`s normal that the suit is pink and the clipping is normal too because the suit uses an outdated body CB++ it just doesn`t work with the newer CBBE HDT Body and because of that it always clips. I love catsuits but i deactivated them all in the MCM because of the clipping i just can`t look at it. The Shiny Rubber Catsuits should be removed from all these Mods! Mods that use Shiny Rubber Catsuits are Deviously Cursed Loot, Captured Dreams Shop and Trapped in Rubber and they all have that clipping because it`s the same Mesh for all those Catsuits. I still hope it gets replaced with something better in the near future to finally get rid of the damn clipping. If i had any modding skills i would cut open the skirt part of the Hobble Dresses and make a catsuit out of it.
  9. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    I did trip over the red ebonite restrictive boots a few times so the boots work. But i think there is no animation for the gloves all i see is a message "A sudden loss of grip xxxx something" i don`t know what is supposed to happen when wearing gloves for a long time. Haven`t tested gag or hood yet because i always try to get them off asap. It would be nice to be able to wear fetters with the restrictive boots it always switches to some shorter boots (textures from pony boots but still other heels and sound) for some reason if i equip for example the silver fetters from ddx. Also wondering why i can eqip fetters while wearing the elegant hobble dress but i can`t see them i only hear the clinking of them i mean that should be possible because it`s a bit shorter down there. It makes sense that you can`t see them while wearing the other hobble dress because it would clip but it would work with the elegant one. Or this has something to do with the device hider i didn`t touch it tho. Do the restr boots use the leg restraints slot and shoe slot and because of that this doesn`t work? One random idea why not use the hobble dress textures and create a catsuit with it just remove the skirt part and make proper legs for it and voila a catsuit that doesn`t clip with everything like the "Shiny Rubbercatsuits or Zipsuit or PLCS and all the other crap" It would be so nice to see them replaced with something that doesn`t clip with everything. You could create a few versions of it Catsuit Full with Leg and Gloves Part, same like before but with open breast part, another one with open breast and without gloves, another one with open breasts and without gloves and boots and so on just some variations and this in the same colors like all the other stuff black, red, white in leather and ebonite. I do like the catsuits from DCL but they all clip with everything it`s so ugly to look at it i mostly disable them in the MCM just because of that. Edit: The gloves animation where she rubs her arm and boot animation where she stretches her leg or whatever are working fine too. The corset animation works too.
  10. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    For some reason i can`t move at all anymore if i carry more than i can. Normally you still can walk around slowly but i can`t move at all. Something is weird. Edit: Hmm worked again after i restarted the game.
  11. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    Sorry for the stupid question but do i have to download the whole 867 mb of ddx again and same for ddi if only a small part changed or i can only download the small part that has changed in this case (core) in ddx? Can i just copy the core into the zip file and reinstall it or how does it work?
  12. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    Im just wondering do we need keys to unlock all the rope stuff or how does that work? It wouldn`t make any sense at all to use keys if there are no keyholes. Or how does it work can i just ask a follower to remove it if she/he has a sword she/he can just cut it all off? Im gonna download the newest dev branch and test around again.
  13. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    Im just wondering if that is on purpose or not there are Transparent Restrictive Boots, Corset and Collar but there are no Gloves? Or i fucked up something installing it? I noticed some weird things the Boots don`t really fit at the feet part don`t know why. But the leg part is all good. And there are weird "triangles" to see on the corset. I couldn`t test the collar yet because im stuck in a quest collar. This is a bug on my end maybe some weird textures on my body or are the clothing parts just that way?
  14. CTD after character creation

    Glad to hear it works now for you.