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I'm pretty sure this is satire...


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The entire time I was reading it I kept expecting a video to pop up and Rick Astley to start belting that crap song :)


This guy is a master at exceptional satire!!! I just couldn't stop laughing the more I read. It was so good I almost shed tears :)

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I actually didn't realize it actually was satire until by the 3d or 4th paragraph' date=' and judging by the comments some people apparently never realized it...



That is because a lot of people are stupid reactionaries! Harsh, but true. True satire is an art form and requires you to put aside the knee-jerk at the slightest pretext nonsense.


Dennis Miller was quite good at satire and while many laughed very few actually understood what he was trying to say.


Most won't recognize it if it said SATIRE in bold caps in the title of the article :(

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WTF man? How could anyone NOT understand the article was a complete and utter piss-take!? It was funny, but its not even like people can say it was subtle (as an excuse) in its use of south park like satire. I know a lot of the comments are probably from the yanks (sorry for the stereotypical satire lol!), but even THEY aren't that dumb, unless... There IS no unless.


Even the guy that put his plugged in 360 in a tub of water to cool it down (you IDIOT) would see the humour of that article, and he's a bloody norman, a famous one!


Funny article


When a player casts a spell' date=' you will see the hand gesture is that of how homosexuals fling devil DNA juices at each other after a long night of fecal frenzy ass ass ass inations. This is subliminally teaching your children that they need to go in their rooms, demon whack their sin staff and produce sin milk into their hands and than fling it in the face of the first person they come in contact with after their taint tugging session.[/quote']


If you notice your son has become more light headed around the house' date=' this is a definite warning that he has been Skyrim jobbing.[/quote']


I can sleep happily tonight, but just remember to check the length and smell of your son or BF's finger-nails weekly, for signs of dragonfisting.

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