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Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Armor .01 .02

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Author Galgat.


Just adds a little skin to the Dark brotherhood armor. I am sure someone will do a better job latter.


.02 Added and Optional skin, this one makes the Leather and skin have the Oily look. It is not much I know, but until we get some better tools, I Need UV mapping. Thx you all that check it out. I actually like the leather being Oily too. its just I should go ahead and do the boots and gloves as well. These textures are actually smaller, or the Normal maps are smaller than Beths so they should No harm you FPS at all.









Two folders Textures, and Oily skin


you have 2 choices, the skin is oiled in the default.


in the OilyLeatherAndSkin folder The skin and Armor have the Oily look. Use only one of the textures folders either the one from the OilyLeatherAndSkin folder or the default.



Just drop the textures folder into your Skyrim data folder.





I had to texture the skin in, was a trade off on the Normal map, trying to keep a rough look to the leather, and still have some shine to the skin.


In the oily leather one I just filtered it all.


Latter I or anyone can do better once we have Nifskope or blender to do proper UV maps.

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