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Annoying minor bug - "William Tell-Face"


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So this just happened to me a little while ago and it won't go away. My PC took an arrow to the face from a Forsworn, and no matter how many different places I travel, no matter how many times I have a new loading screen, and no matter how many times I restart, this arrow won't go away. I can put on my helm, and it still pokes through the helm. I remove the helm, and it's still there. Anyone have any idea on how I can get rid of this? It's making me sadface :(



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Turning into a werewolf will also work if the save/load thing doesn't. It's gotten rid of every icicle and arrow that lingered on long past it being welcome.


Great suggestion. I don't have full control over becoming a werewolf yet, so I turned the power on and just started running around waiting to turn into a werewolf.


As I was wandering aimlessly, I happened upon some mages who shot me in the face (why do they always target my handsome face?!) with those ice shards, and after they dissolved, he was back to his former, unadulterated self.


So if anyone else encounters this bug, a fix is to apparently to get shot in the face with ice shards, lol.



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I had a number of arrows in me and I ignored them until they went away. I'm not sure if they vanished on a reload or if it just took some time for them to finally be removed from your character.


On this topic though, I have had a few arrows pierce my weapons and it looked kind of cool running around with an axe full of arrows. I wonder if it gave me an attack bonus...

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I have read that it's possible for an arrow to become permanently "attached" to one's character, the work around for the arrows that just forget to go away seems to be open the console and use the showracemenu option. Do NOT change the race of your character or you will mess up your stats and perks. Just open it and select done right away, re-enter your character's name and get back to your game without said arrow. Nothing else will change so long you do not change races. (this includes scrolling through the races)

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