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A Very Basic Guide to Azur lane Modding

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As there is little to no information outside of Mainland China,

I decided to make a very bare-bones guide, in the hope that i can guide people in the right direction,

As I'm by no means an expert on this subject.






Before we begin Modding is Technically against Yostar Tos use at your own risk



1.) Mods & Installation

2.) Tools

3.) Extracting

4.) Making Textures

5.) Importing


1.) Installation



For those who don't care about how to make mods and just want to have some Nude shipgirls,

Here is a Installation guide and some mods to play with. AL Mods.zip




 2.) Tools



You will need an image editor like gimp or photoshop,





AssetStudio to view and extract textures,





UABEA for importing and file editing,




 general guide for UABEA, ⤵️



3.) Extracting





this part is a bit of a pain in the ass as all of the sprite names are in chinese, so you'll have go through each one and find the girl you want to mod,

thankfully some are simple, "Tirpitz" is "tierbici" "Aigr" is "aijier"

the first thing is to copy the texture files off your phone/emulator, just put them in a folder somewhere on your pc,

the file path is android/data/yostar.azurlane/files/assetbundles/painting

you're looking for "_tex "and "_rw_tex" files, as these are usually textures for the girls, usually

 "_tex_n " files are the shiprgirl's "rigging"





once the files are on your pc open them in AssetStudio, you will usually see something like this, if you don't see it, make sure you're in "Asset List"




there is someway to not have the texture cutup like this, but i haven't figured that out yet,


next is to extract texture2D to a .png as you need a transparent background,

don't worry about the sprite you don't need it,








4.) Making Textures



you should now have the texture as a .png




now open it in your image editor and make whatever changes you want,

if you have problems with transparency make sure you add an alpha channel,



for changing the girl appearance or making them nude, I will overlay the new texture on top and cutoff the extra bits.







once you're done, export it as .png,



5.) Importing



next open your _tex file in UABEA,





now go to info and find texture2D,





select Texture2D and go to plugins>edit texture





load and grab that texture you edited before,





save _tex file,





now copy the edited  _tex file to the Painting folder in your game files, as per the first part of this guide,




your shipgirl should now be nude or have whatever changes you made.


P.S if i make or find anymore mods i'll post them here.


P.P.S fill free to use any of my work for your own mods,

thanks to @Meekurukuru making me realize that people might want to be sure they have my permission before they use my stuff.


Happy Modding Shikikan!


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On 7/17/2023 at 11:59 AM, spotmark8 said:

So question




This user for example seems to have made an entire edit of the Live2d is that possible or wouild it require changing each frame of said said girls animation?

Yes, but I believe it requires extra software to edit a live2d model, which i have zero experience in.


I also found cheeseonly111 & mofumochii on twitter but there mods are paywalled. 

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On 8/19/2023 at 5:39 AM, 19370 said:

Thank you for your work! I have been playing Azure Lane for a long time and I am worried that using mod will result in a ban. Is it possible?

Possible, but probably not, i haven't heard any reports of bans for cosmetic mods. i have seen some mod authors get banned from chinese websites, but that seems to only be problem in china as modders on twitter and patreon haven't.


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On 9/9/2023 at 9:56 PM, JForest said:

Legend, thank you for this. DO you know of any repositories/discord servers/whatever with more skin changes?

you're welcome!

mofumochi has a discord server but most of he's mods are pay walled, you can find them out there if you know where to look, *cough* * cough*  Kemono *cough* * cough* i of course don't condone piracy ? but i'm not going tell you what not to do.



On 9/12/2023 at 2:14 PM, dpdl6 said:

eh,i can't unzip it in my computer,what matter

i tested it on my end and it worked fine, you could try 7-zip.

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On 2023/9/17 at PM1点04分, PrinzEugen69 said:


mofumochi 有一个不和谐服务器,但他的大多数模组都是付费的,如果您知道在哪里寻找,您可以在那里找到它们,*咳嗽* *咳嗽* Kemono *咳嗽* *咳嗽* 我当然不容忍盗版 ? 但是 我不会告诉你什么不该做。




thanks,last i try to unzip it on computer and i have success.by the way,our Chinese azur editor have some tools to change piecemeal picture into complete one,i think it's more convince

than edit the picture in pieces.can i share it?

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On 9/18/2023 at 11:23 PM, dpdl6 said:

thanks,last i try to unzip it on computer and i have success.by the way,our Chinese azur editor have some tools to change piecemeal picture into complete one,i think it's more convince

than edit the picture in pieces.can i share it?

Can you share it bro?

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