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Sanguine's Debauchery


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Hi All. 


I'm having some problems getting Sanguine's Debauchery to work.  Before I installed the mod, I completed the vanilla quest.  After installing it, I get the 'Sanguine is watching' notification, but so far I've not gotten enslaved.  In battle, my character took a knee (didn't die) but was not enslaved.  Another time I just got killed.


I've followed the instructions on installing all the needed files, etc.

Do only certain NPCs enslave you? 

Do you have to go to certain areas in the game, or will any area work (even if you're in the middle of a dungeon quest)? 

My understanding is that you do not have to press K to get enslaved.  Do I need to get rid of my Xbox controller to make things work? 


Finally, will a normal UNP body work for the sprigan armor, or do I need a UNPB body? 


thanks in advance!


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