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Game keeps freezing

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Alright, so I recently reinstalled Oblivion, as in, from scratch, went about installing my lovers mods and some other mods I have, but now, whenever I wait/sleep, the game freezes after a few seconds, and forces me to close it by signing out of my PC and back in again, I've narrowed it down, and it's one of my mods causing the game to freeze, because I disabled them all, and ran the game with no mods (aside from body replacer mods) active, and the game runs fine, what I'm guessing is that either my load order is wrong, I installed a mod wrong, or another mod is overriding another... any three of these could be the issue, I will keep experimenting and see if I can fix it, I'll post here again if the problem still persists, or if I have fixed the issue.

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Found the problem... turned out it was my saved games causing it to freeze; the game was saved with mods that I didn't have installed, deleting these and starting a fresh game from scratch has fixed the issue.

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