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TAP Facelift WIP

WIP face overhaul for The Ancient Profession 



- Calia (Riverwood)

- Emileah (Solitude)

- Severa (Whiterun)

- Siarra (Solitude)

- Tlatha (Dragon Bridge)

- Vanika (Winterhold)



They were designed to be used with BnP or Bijin skin but will use the body shape and skin you have installed.


The faces are all vanilla (low poly) so the performance inside a brothel should not be affected for those who have less powerful Pcs, like myself :P




- The Ancient Profession

- KS Hairdos SSE

The Eyes Of Beauty SSE

- Kalilies Brows


Recommended mods

- Seductive Lips HD

- Expressive Facial Animation

- No More Alcoholic High Elf Eyes



- Ruddycray for The Ancient Profession

- LogRaam for Eyes of Beauty

- Kalilies and Stealthic for Kalilies Brows and KS Hairdos SSE

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  • Requires
    Sexlab, The Ancient Profession, Kalilies Brows, KS Hairdos SSE, The Eyes Of Beauty SSE
  • Regular Edition Compatible


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  • 2 weeks later...
19 hours ago, ecobotstar said:

Hey, so my game's freezing when I have the mod on and goes into Whiterun brothel. Haven't tried with the other ones though.


Nobody else has reported this issue and I cannot replicate it on my end. Might be a missing mesh or something else going on. 


What version of KSHairdos are you using? This mod is based on 1.9

I will make the mod standalone in the future to avoid potential problems with this.

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  • 6 months later...

Something is overwriting the plugin or the files. I can't do anything atm until the new CK fixes gets released.


The mod will use any skin you have installed, so that's not the issue. Try loading it after other mods that modify The Ancient Profession.esp

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  • 4 months later...

I'm also getting freezes in the Whiterun brothel, and also Solitude and Dragon Bridge taverns. I checked the plugin and nothing seemed missing or weird, so probably one of us has some dependency mod outdated. (but that shouldn't cause the freeze in my experience)


Very confusing thing and I don't have any clue about what would cause the freeze. 


I might try segregating some problematic NPCs in these places, but needing to check them one by one seems daunting and I'm not sure if that's even gonna solve it.

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Weird because npcs don't even have high poly heads (I literarily cannot sculpt HPH bc my GPU doesn't let me).


The dependencies haven't updated since 2022 so I doubt it's related to that. Maybe something is overwriting the meshes and has a bad one or a face nif is corrupted on your side.

Are you playing on SE?

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Sorry for late reply! As LL wasn't sending me notifications for replys, and I finally got time to do some troubleshooting on my end.

On 4/27/2024 at 1:37 AM, xtrange988 said:

Weird because npcs don't even have high poly heads (I literarily cannot sculpt HPH bc my GPU doesn't let me).


That's exactly why the problem was not reproducible on your end lol. No offence. TL;DR: installing the high poly version of the brows you used would cause freeze.


The problem is probably that most NPC uses Kalilies Brows (except Emileah, which is the only face-lifted NPC that won't freeze me), and I had Kalilies Brows High Poly Head Patch. So the NPCs here didn't use High Poly Head, but I used it in my load order, along with the HPH version of Kalilies Brows, which it overwrites the records for each of the brows to be used on High Poly Heads. 


I'm not sure why, but here when a HPH compatible brow used on a non-HPH NPC, it freezes. When I manually remove all references to those brows in the mod, the freeze is gone.


Reverting those references to kalilies brows and making every non-HPH NPC guaranteed to use brows designed for non-HPH would fix the freeze. I would say the best solution is to sculpt every NPC with HPH.


But hey, it is how it is and you already did a great job!


Here's a dirty patch that just reverts all NPC here's brows, so you don't get freezes with high poly Kalilies Brows.


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It's freeze not CTD
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Posted (edited)

Weird, I don't get CTD with them and could test them on low poly heads with no CTD. Also I can use HPH just fine, I can get into the sculpt tab in Racemenu but the gpu shits the bed and it's hard to get anything done like that.




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  • 3 weeks later...
Posted (edited)

I'm getting a facegeom bug that I'm stuck on. I've solved every black face problem I ever had by just shuffling load order but even with this mod at the highest priority and MO's overwrite folder totally cleaned I'm still getting errors, but not on all girls interestingly.

Calia totally fine
Elyssa blackface - After setnpcweight face looks ok (no makeup)
Emileah blackface - After setnpcweight face/body colour mismatch
Fathasa totally fine
Jolie blackface - After setnpcweight face looks ok (no makeup)
Phylawen blackface - After setnpcweight face/body colour mismatch

Severa totally fine
Siarra totally fine
Talia blackface - After setnpcweight face/body colour mismatch
Tlatha face fine - neck gap while nude (same body as all the others)
Vanika totally fine
Victoria blackface - After setnpcweight face looks ok (no makeup)

Console reports "Base last changed by: TAP Facelift.esp" on all girls.
I have re-downloaded and reinstalled the mod a few times.

EDIT: found the culprit the hard way just uninstalling things till chunks at a time and retesting. It was The Eyes of Beauty - Ai Remastered tucked away in an less organised part of the mod list pane. I guess it was replacing the eyes some of the girls were using and that threw the facegeom data totally off? I didn't think it worked that way.

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