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  1. My favorite part of the mod is the creature and daedra corruption interaction with SLSO. I wish it was a standalone thing. Thank you!
  2. Also Amorous Adventures has a whole quest centered around Ysolda and the mammoth tusk. I don't know if you still remember my suggestions for the College of Winterhold, about the Unbound Dremora quest and Velehk Sain. - Unbound Dremora from the Conjuration Ritual Spell. I think this is easier to implement than my original idea, a sex contest instead of a fight contest. Dremora are a very prideful lot and being bound by a mortal is a source of infinite shame. After defeating him and he gets you the Sigil Stone you can offer him a deal to make peace, you can sum
  3. Yay! One less useless ESM! Will try it tonight. One tiny question. What is considered finished or with no plans of expanding? I would love to add more options to some NPCs and fix the English dialogue.
  4. Thanks for the mod, Its feels like playing the Sims Love it I have a requests for a next update if you find the time. - A notification message when an approach triggers, something like ("You are being followed") or ("You hear someone coming at you"). Sometimes I have guards and other NPCs following me long distances and dying or causing problems, I would like to know when this happens so I can tell the to fuck off.
  5. More like a shaman. As much as I would like to keep the chief alive and make peace with the nords I don't think that's an easy task. So maybe keep the chief alive or as shaman choose the next Riekling chief? And well... carry on with your new shaman duties.
  6. Yeah I know about Maul, but he doesn't do anything besides the scare attempt. Sexlab Solutions adds a scene and then he pretty much stays in the docks doing nothing. I had an idea about the Summerset Shadows because they aren't bad guys and you have to pretty much kill them instead of negotiating, when all they did was stealing from the dead. Niranye lies about they when you confront her, she works with them for her own benefit according to the letters in her basement. But then it will be a lot of trouble and there's a random encounter when they assault you on the road if you leav
  7. Love your version of her, better than any other I've tried.
  8. Wow you are fast! I agree with Highborn and would humbly request a more immersive approach to the Thief Guild radiant quests. as opposite to the cumdump humiliation quests of Troubles of Heroine (like the difference between Sexlab Solution to Sexlab Pleasure dialogues, the first is much more subtle or it tries to be). Something like: - Sealing a deal with an important Imperial Council member or old noble at the Inn or her house, the player is the "delicate icing on the cake". - Arrange a discrete meeting outside town with an non unique NPC to seduce and steal some documen
  9. Would you look into this please please please? I know Trouble of Heroine already adds some Companion content but it's not my cup of tea. Also a couple suggestions, 2 College of Winterhold quests? - Conjuration Ritual Spell, instead of defeating the unbound dremora 2 times, what about a fuck marathon until he gives up and brings the sigil stone. After that the spell is useless, it would be neat to be able to summon him again and again to make amends. Dremoras are a prideful lot, best to be on his good side and compensate him being his fucktoy. - Forgotten Nam
  10. There's something wrong , bodyslide does nothing, the shape stays the same, cow size.
  11. Thanks for the mod, it was fun. Since the Zaz 8 is requirement I wouldn't be able to use it anymore, it pushes me well over what FNIS XXL can manage, guess version 8 of Zaz added a lot more animations and behaviors. Maybe you can consider a soft dependency ? I hope so.
  12. Thank you for the update and DLC support! Will begin testing today, hopefully the detection system is better now.
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