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Try to fix 'I HAVE NO GREETING!' problem

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I am trying to modify the BravilUnderground mod recently, and then I encountered a very classic 'I HAVE NO GREETING!' issue, I think it should be caused by the response of some NPC's Greeting topic in this mod that does not contain Generic and Crime categories. In fact, for example, the edit IDs: shipwright01 / Madame, have the Greeting category of Generic and Crime, but the edit IDs Trader08 / Vampire02 do not, so they will respond player: I HAVE NO GREETING! I don't quite understand why, can anyone help me to fix this? Thank you so much!

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BravilUnderground does not have NPCs with 'I HAVE NO GREETING!'    I contributed to the mod and released an addon. I never had this bug.


It is a player problem or a companion/slave problem.

 if a Shivering Isles NPC is brought to Cyrodiil he/she can have  'I HAVE NO GREETING!'

Same with Cyrodiil NPC is in Shivering Isles.


When you use the "Strange Door" to get to Shivering Isles  you get a "World setting flag" Player is in SE world. But some bad Mods have teleport spells without changing the World flag and that causes the 'I HAVE NO GREETING!' bug. The game things you are in the other world.

You can test it with console


If you get 1 you have the In SE flag


You set the flag with console

If you are in SE

setPlayerInSEWorld 1


If you are in Cyrodiil or a Mod world

setPlayerInSEWorld 0



In Bravil Underground no quest have the Condition "GetPlayerInSEWorld = 1 "  (All dialogues are bound to a quest, and the quest add the main conditions for the dialogues : e.g. GetIsPlayableRace, )GetPlayerInSEWorld, or specific faction or race )


If you still have the no greeting bug after you fixed the world flag then your load order is very wrong.


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TYVM for your reply.

I just found that the Generic Greeting Topic has One of the conditions that the race must be available to the player.

For the sake of streamlining the player race, I canceled the playable of some races, which caused some npcs to lose their available Generic dialogue.

Thank you again.

Problem solved.

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16 hours ago, fejeena said:

BravilUnderground does not have NPCs with 'I HAVE NO GREETING!'    I contributed to the mod and released an addon. I never had this bug.

I have to point out that the bug IS related specifically to custom races.  And the original release of BravilUnderground utilizes MBP races.  Of the converted NO-MBP edition, you won't have No-Greeting issues. But it can occur with mods created with custom races such as BravilUnderground and LoversCrowningIsles. 


As evidence, compare these two screenshots...








Now the second screenshot is Amusei, an argonian and a vanilla character from Oblivion.  And after the first three LST lines, you can see the traditional CRIME quest dialogue.  Why?  Well, I will get to that in a bit.


The FIRST screenshot, I had to doctor... to retrieve all 'GREETINGS" dialogues for a single NPC within BravilUnderground.  This character is Rannock, a Necromancer who sells potions within her little shop.  And, she was crafted as a LopChocolate Elf.  A custom race built within MBP, she has no default GREETINGS.  However, she has greetings triggered by the system, her genetic greeting being  "The effects of our potions are renowned far and wide. By all means, buy one."

... Triggered by the simple condition of GetIsId NPC:'xLSTPhypnotist02' == 1 (meaning if SHE is the one being encountered).


Her very last greeting "Do you have interesting stories to tell?" only works if you are attempting to solicit slave sales (non-race or ID specific) if the NPC is sitting down and is meant to work when the NPC is forced to stand back up.  I ne'er really seen that work myself.


And no, this is not the fault of solely MBP as this is common among every Race Mod I have encountered.


18 hours ago, Holiday Hentai gamer said:

I don't quite understand why, can anyone help me to fix this? Thank you so much!

Ahh... Understanding WHY things are as they are.  Yes, that I will clear up.


I discovered that the default greetings do not work with custom races.  In truth, you may not receive default crime or welcome greets with ANY mods that load... the RACES must already exist before the GREETINGS DIALOGUES themselves.  The only exception being Oblivion that has both Races and Greetings combined.  I can say this knowing that Hiyoko do not deliver custom greetings, and will deliver the "I have no greeting" dialogue text themselves unless a suitable mod with greetings for them is applied after the existence of HiyokoClub itself.  No, not after the generators... just after Hiyokoclub alone.


Just consider it like this:

RACE MOD loads first (Creates FennickFoxGirl Race)
DIALOGUE MOD loads second (sets up Greetings)

... executes!!!

Custom Races load first ....

Dialogues load second ... dialogue for all races loaded in memory ....

... FennickFoxGirl encountered has Greetings


DIALOGUE MOD loads first (sets up Greetings)

RACE MOD loads second (Creates SexySharkGirl Race)

... executes!!!

Dialogues load first ... dialogue for VANILLA races in memory...

Custom Races load second ...  already loaded dialogues ignore custom races

... SexySharkGirl is speechless.


Again, the only mod that can get away with both Races and Greets together in the same plugin is Oblivion itself.  Not unless you have very unique and specific Greetings or Crime dialogues that get triggered...


So... to make any non-Vanilla NPC have a greeting, you could do it as I mentioned with Rannock above, having a greeting that works solely based on the ID of the NPC.  But make sure that your default-style greetings and crime dialogue is LOW priority... below any other dialogue that would be in the NPC's repertoire of dialogue conditions.


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Every vanilla and Mod NPC can use greetings if he is a playable race, and all MBP races are playable.

Example in Cyrodiil
Quest : Generic "Quest and Location Independent-Dialog"    The quest is set to "Start game enabled"   so the dialogues are available from the beginning of the game.

The quest conditions are : GetPlayerInSEWorld = 0  ; GetIsPlayableRace = 1 ; GetInFaction ForgottenOnesFACTION = 0
Then you have 3 dialogues groups with random greetings.
1)  condition: GetDisposition less than 30
2)  condition: GetDisposition Greater than or equal to 30  ; GetDisposition less than 70
3)  condition: GetDisposition Greater than or equal to 70

And there is also a general Greeting in Shivering Isle ( but I'm too lazy to look for that )

It works with all playable Mod races. All new race NPCs in Mods never have the No-Greeting bug. So all MBP races/NPCs have greetings in Bravilunderground.

So it does not matter if you use the MBP Bravilundergrund , Crowning Isle version or the No-MBP versions, the NPCs have Greetings. The ONLY conditions are : GetPlayerInSEWorld = 0  ; GetIsPlayableRace = 1 ; GetInFaction ForgottenOnesFACTION = 0
Or in Shivering isle:   GetPlayerInSEWorld = 1  ; GetIsPlayableRace = 1  for all vanilla and Mod NPCs , except the GoldenSaint and DarkSeducer (both not playable race) have own Greetings.


Only "setPlayerInSEWorld" ensures whether you have greetings or not.


There are other Quest with higher priority so that they are checked first. With conditions like : is Guard,  or faction and town checks for Greetings in towns.

Quest : Generic "Quest and Location Independent-Dialog"  has priority 5

Town quest greetings priority 11

Guards quest priority 41

If all higher priority Greetings are not used the vanilla and new race NPC will use the "Quest and Location Independent-Dialog"  Greetings.

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3 hours ago, fejeena said:

Every vanilla and Mod NPC can use greetings if he is a playable race, and all MBP races are playable.


Completely incorrect.  There are no greetings for the Siren guards within LoversCrowningIsles, the original version.  So unless they have a custom greeting for them, the do have the "I have no greeting" response.  The Sirens are MBP Chocolate Elves which are indeed playable.  However, no greetings appear.

Now, below in the spoiler... another character:






This is the complete and full list of all GREETING dialogue of the original Siren Queen, Moanett: AAACRSirenQueen01.  The only greetings which Moanett delivers is this dialogue, and none from Oblivion Vanilla.  None of  the Sirens, not Moanett, her mom, nor her  grandma from within CrowningIsles ...  not a single one... delivers vanilla greetings of any sort.


Vanilla greetings include:

"I'm waiting"

     Within "GENERIC:   with the requirements of:

    (No)   GetDisposition   [TARGET]    <  30

    (meaning any disposition below 30... no racial requirements of any sort)

    GENERIC requires:   GetPlayerInSEWorld == 0  ; GetIsPlayableRace == 1 ; GetInFaction ForgottenOnesFACTION == 0


"You're trespassing here. You'll have to leave.I'm waiting."

     Within "CRIME:   with the requirements of:

    (Yes)   IsTrespassing   NONE        == 1

    (No)   GetTrespassWarningLeve l == 0

    (meaning the first warning given by this NPC to the trespassing player)

    CRIME requires:  GetIsPlayableRace == 1


The Chocolate Elves are a playable MBP race, the CrowningIsles are not in the Shivering Isles, and none are within the ForgottenOnes faction. Yet, as I stated and have clearly shown within the spoiler, they do not have any vanilla greetings.  Likewise during gameplay, they do not deliver any vanilla greetings.


This is true for all playable MOD races, not a single one has Greetings now written or designed for it and will have the "I have no greeting" bug. This is fact, fact that I have seen, fact that I have experienced, and fact that I have shown within the screenshots of the dialogue of these MBP characters.  Given that people experience the bug with MBP races in games that take place in Tamriel proper and not within the Shivering Isles does prove this as fact.


As to the "setPlayerInSEWorld" variable, it does make a difference in separating the Greetings and quest dialogues as there are different greetings encountered IN the Shivering Isles. So I do understand that you will have Shivering Isles defined NPCs have that issue if you COC your player into the isles.  But that is not relevant to non-Vanilla races.


FYI, the GENERIC class that handles Vanilla Greetings is Priority 5. So ANY dialogue (other than Disease, Current Events, SE Startup, etc) would take precedent over the Generic greetings...   except TestVoiceBudget which is Priority 1.  And wow... is that Spartan.


This is knowledge from a user of MBP, again one that has seen, experienced and knows why the "I have no greetings" issue appears and how to handle it when making a mod with said custom races.


EXAMPLE:   With full knowledge, no Hiyoko born will have greetings.  If you have no Companion mod (MCS, LST or LoversHiyokoShooter LDD, etc.), and attempted to use "AdultPlayPlus for SSP" to solicit sex with them, you WILL generate the "I have no greeting" dialogue.  For this, I created the "LoversHiyokoShooter" mod to have duplicate Greetings for the Hiyoko.


This is no fantasy, no careless product of wild imagination. No, my good friends. As the screenshots for NPCs both custom and vanilla race,  and that vanilla races do depict vanilla greetings while custom races do not, you have to secede that this is undeniable fact.

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I'm talking about greeting of normal NPCs. Yes Gurds can have No Greeting, vanilla and Mod gurad ( has nothing to do with a mod race , only with the Imperial race )


In all the years since release Oblivion it never happend in my game with "normal" NPCs . Only if I take Sivering isle GoldenSaint or Dark seducer to Chrodiil.  No playable race in Chyrdiil = no greeting.


All other greetings / quests have priority  and a NPC will always find a greeting to use.


if a Crowning Isle Guard can not use a crime dialog then your crime setting are not changed. All vanilla guard dialogs are "Is Guard" and "is Imperial"

But most people play with Mods that changed guards to use all races. And in Lovers PayBandits  the "Is Imperial" is deleted in vanilla dialogues.

So if you play with PayBandits and/or a Mod that enable all races for guards you don't have the "No Greetings" bug if a guard try to arrest you .

And if there are indeed problems with MBP races, that's another reason not to use MBP.

In my own Crowning Isle Version I merged my patches and add a real Siren race from AsharasSirensAndTritons,  now i have only one esp for Crowning Isle (with the Siren race in the esp) and no "noGreetings" bug.  (I tested the Siren prision)


Also with my No-MBP Patch and the AsharasSirensAndTritons.esp and the old/original Crowning Isle esp the same, no "no greetings" bug.

Two different Mod races and both have Greetings.

And Trespassing  is that even possible in Crowning isle?  All houses you should not enter are locked "inpossible" and all other houses are public.

And my Siren race ( no vanilla) : All "no guards"  NPC use vanilla greetings and the guards use vanilla guard greetings (most gurd greetings do not have a "is Imperial" condition. 

And all no Siren Gurads in Crowning isle are Imperial can use all vanilla guard greetings.



The problem is the "Is Guard"  with "Get is race = Imperial"

I mentioned it between 2013 and 2015 as gregathit and I  updated all Lovers Versions. With Lovers True Cime Ex I had a no Greetings bug with vanilla races. I use SPTDiverseGuards ( I use the version that enavle all human vanilla races for guards)  So I reported it to gregathit with a changed esp  and that's why the "is imperial" is deleted in the True Cime Ex   esp.


And the guard greetings-block ends with "random end" flag, so a guard can not skip to the next Quest with lower priority and greetings, guards only search in the guard greetings... and if they can not use any of the greeting you get the bug.


Guards works with all races ( vanilla and mod) if you delete the stupid "Get is race - Imperial" check. (I have done it 10 years ago )


And in BravilUnderground are no NPC's with Guard class, so no problems with "no greeting" because no NPC use the crime dialogues ( condition; is guard )  Even the Imperial guards in the last quest are not in the Guard class .   Yes there are some Greetings in the crime quest without "Is Imperial" check  , but then the greeting can be used but maybe the following dialogue can not be used because of a "is Imperial" check.


And if a modder add Highwaymen  in a Mod that are no Khajiit they also have the "No Greeting" bug.  "Get Is race" = Khajiit "  So a vanilla  Imperial Highwayman with have the "no greetings" bug.

And without delete "is Imperial" in Guard dialogues all other vanilla races a Modder use as Guards have the "no Greeting" bug.

So vanilla and Mod races have the same problems = dialogues limited to one race.

This is racism! Get rid of the race checks in dialogues!  Free NPCs, free speech!


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7 hours ago, fejeena said:

I'm talking about greeting of normal NPCs. Yes Gurds can have No Greeting, vanilla and Mod gurad ( has nothing to do with a mod race , only with the Imperial race )


Now this is just trying to change the topic.  Talking about normal NPCs?  Fine enough.  Trying to say that all guards should have dialogue that have the limitations of "is_guard" and is an "Imperial" race?  Well, that would remove greetings that are designed solely for Imperial guards in Tamriel.  That, I grant you.


However, the subject was regarding the "I have no greeting" issue.  And even if one was to create a guard (is_guard), but use a Vanilla race, the guard would have a greeting... just not one where they acted like a guard.  A vanilla NPC would fall upon the tried and true "I'm wating" or "Can I help you?"


But again, this is NOT to happen with NPCs with races from other mods.



7 hours ago, fejeena said:

And my Siren race ( no vanilla) : All "no guards"  NPC use vanilla greetings and the guards use vanilla guard greetings (most gurd greetings do not have a "is Imperial" condition. 

And all no Siren Gurads in Crowning isle are Imperial can use all vanilla guard greetings.

BRRRZZZZZZ!!!!!   Nope nope nope




This is a screenshot of Siren Guard #8.   I didn't have to trim this one down because this is ALL the greetings she has.


The first four lines are if you are in trouble with the law.  The fifth line is if you are tied up by bandits.  The sixth line is if you are being summoned by Queen Moanett.  Line 7 is a catch'all for any NPC where you are being complimented as a full-fledged Courtesan once the quest hit stage 40.  The eighth is the "Join the SOAP school" opening dialogue.  And the last one is only active during the 'Find the Emissary" questline.


The Crowning Isles Siren Guards have absolutely no other greetings available to them.... not even greetings that are not dependent upon guard or race requirements. If they DID have default greetings, then said greetings would be visible as default greetings were visible in my early screenshot with Amusei.  That is a fact that cannot be disputed.


7 hours ago, fejeena said:

Guards works with all races ( vanilla and mod) if you delete the stupid "Get is race - Imperial" check. (I have done it 10 years ago )


So now let's forget about guards, shall we?  How about just having greetings in general for non-Vanilla races?


In my previous screehshot, I depicted all of the greetings of Moanett within CrowningIsles... the original version.  And yet, she has no greetings other than those programmed for her.  She is not a guard, but a member of the Vanilla Nobel class.  She is not an Imperial, but a Chocolate Elf from MBP.  And unless you are dealing with her specific in-game quest dialogue from her few stages within xLoversGalgat, she will have the "I have no greeting" issue. 

This, I have witnessed.  And I have also screenshot captured all of her greetings.  At no point are any vanilla greetings being delivered.  And of these, I include greetings that do not rely on race.  The tried and true "I'm wating" or "Can I help you?" greetings do not have the GetIsRace requirement attached, nor do they require any class or 'is_guard' flag.  Yet, they do not appear in the screenshot, nor are they delivered by Moanett in-game.


Clearly, the screenshots of the NPC Greetings I have supplied, Vanilla Amusei with vanilla greetings enabled, and Rannock, Moanett and the Siren Guards from two separate MBP based mods that clearly do not have vanilla greets, is evidence enough.



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Your screenshot is from Crowning isle, but how is that supposed to explain that a Crowning guard can't use vanilla dialogs?

If they can not use a Crowning greeting the use a vanilla greeting ( like in my game )


Only a "random end" flag at the end of a group of greetings can stop the game to skip to the next possible greetings ( for guards and "normal" NPCs )

Like the highwayman greetings. An no-khajiit highwayman with not use other greetings at the first meeting when he runs to the player and talks to him.


And all other NPCs can use the  Generic "Quest and Location Independent-Dialog"  greeting  if all quests/greetings with higher priority are skipped.  My Crowning Siren Guards and Citizens that use a Mod race have Greeting ( with two different Mod races ) And  the conditions are the same for MBP races. So why MBP races do not work with greeting condition "is  playable race"  and "GetPlayerInSEWorld = 0 "  ? ( as I said, only guard can have problems with the "is Imperial" condition, but all other NPCs use vanilla greeting without problems )

Only a few classes and factions can only use one Greeting group/quest, but apart from the guards, they are almost never used in mods.

In Bravil Underground all NPCs have Greetings because all can use vanilla greetings.


OK, no guards. So why my Siren Citizens use vanilla greetings? Why ElsweyrAnequina races use next to new greetings also vanilla greetings? Order des Drachen race the same or Tantrivaylia, Floranius, FHWS, Viking Village. All NPCs from those Mods without a Mod greeting use vanilla greetings.  I have had most of these mods for more than 10 years and the bug never occurred.


In Orden des Drachen are some "no playable" races that only use Mod greeting ( or have no greetings because only  enemies  and they fight) And HiyokoGeneratorGeneForge races had the "no Greetings" bug before I add Greetings in the esp.


Maybe there is a difference between a german and a english Oblivion version and that's why it works for me but not for you. (but I'm sure that's not the case)


And that was the last post about a problem that doesn't exist in my game.  (except guards who are not imperial, but vanilla or mod race )



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There IS... an issue... regarding VERY VERY VERY specific races. 

Within the MBP package, the Horkew, the Skyrim Khajiit, the MiQote and the Moonshadow Lop-Eared Elves are all playable.  The Lolita, the Mystic Elves, the Chanpon, the Robo Elves are all playable.  The Lycanthrope Elves, the Carrier, the 'Playable Dremora' the Tang Mo, the Ainmhi and Ice Elves (
why weren't they named Snow Elves?),  and even the Orog are playable.  Who would want to play an ugly Orog?


.... but my effin favorite lookin Chocolate Elves aren't?


For some unknown reason, no variety of Chocolate Elves nor the Cute Elves within MBP have the 'Playable' flag checked.  Likewise, neither do the Auriel, Mazken, nor Sirens/Tritons within MBP as well.  Hmm... Auriel and Mazken use SE quests, no vanilla SE greets they use require the is_playable_race flag.  So as long as they are in the Madhouse... whatever.


The available Chocolate and Cute Elf Race mods that can be found at Nexus, as well as the Asharas Sirens at Nexus, indeed having the playable box checked.  But if both MBP and these 'Nexus-Downloadable' race mods are used together, the dialogue assumes the 'playable-race' status based on the currently loaded Master File first and the plugin second.   And if the dialogue is 'is_playable_race' exclusive....  FUCK!!!!!


So yeah, you can have vanilla greetings dialogue with the Asharas Sirens mod installed  if MBP is 'not' installed. But if MBP is installed with Asharas mod at the same time... the dialogue you want presented better not be 'playable race' exclusive.  I just tested that.   The Master file with a given race takes precedent.  Oh, and both the MBP and Nexus Standalones use (basically) the same FormID between versions.  Both ChocolateElf races (Standalone mod and MBP) use xx003118.  Okay, that was a gimme... if anyone didn't catch on by this point that MBP was a collection.


Yes, the author of LSTBravilUnderground recognized this and accurately provided tertiary greetings for the Chocolate Elves within when all other dialogue was exhausted.  But emergency greetings were not included for the Chocolate Elves, Alice Swan (the only Cute Elf), or Johnny Rains (the only Mazken) in 'original' CrowningIsles.  However, Johnny's actions were pretty pre-determined and there was no time for him to give any blank greet.  No worries with Galgat's Blackmail.... enough bases were covered.


Had nothing to do with Guards... not with Imperials ... it was a very SELECT set of races you could count on your fingers with one stupid overlooked switch.



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