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HALP! How do i contact Krista for permissions to use her stuff?


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Sooo. I put togheter a little mash up which i got a few requests to release, and i'd be glad to.


But i don't wanna breach any modders ethics and or piss someone off.


So, how do i reach, or even better is anyone in direct contact with Krista, to ask her permission to use a few pieces of her stuff for this little armor?




Apologies if not the right section, or already asked, couldn't find an answer :|

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why do you need permission, she use work from others, she have no right to put any claim on her so called work


Because it is the right thing to do.  She is a member here and should be treated with same respect as anyone else.  Modding at any level and with any program is difficult and time consuming.  At the very least you do need to give credits and where ever possible ask permission.

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why do you need permission, she use work from others, she have no right to put any claim on her so called work



a so called lady mod made by krista([LB] Lady Alina 2.1)



but this is the original maker



and more textures for that mod



99%  of her so called work is original daz/rendo,dna ect work



be as it may, but porting it into skyrim and modifying and adapting to body meshes is time consuming, and needs skills to do stuff in blender/maya whatever, and it's right to give credit to it and respect the time people sank into it =)

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Just use it and give credit, life goes on. Once something becomes public that exactly what it is, in the public domain.  Theres probably a million links or people using it in their own mods without credit on 3dm forums, they dont give a rats ass.

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If You distribute or otherwise make available New Materials, You automatically grant to Bethesda Softworks the irrevocable, perpetual, royalty free, sublicensable right and license under all applicable copyrights and intellectual property rights laws to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, perform, display, distribute and otherwise exploit and/or dispose of the New Materials (or any part of the New Materials) in any way Bethesda Softworks, or its respective designee(s), sees fit. You also waive and agree never to assert against Bethesda Softworks or its affiliates, distributors or licensors any moral rights or similar rights, however designated, that You may have in or to any of the New Materials.



You'll be fine I guess, just don't use the word that goes after "The Elder ..." so you don't get sued.

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