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On 7/24/2022 at 11:08 AM, whatcanisay said:

I had recently downloaded the cmar penis mod v2 but the female penis is not getting hard and the sliders are not working while the male version seems to work just fine.


Does this include CAS? Once naked and in CAS - the sliders for females doesn't work? Can you make a nude male 'hard' then change it to a female? What happens?


In game either Kinkyworld or Passion should control the penis state unless it is set to 'hard' to begin with.



We know the female penis works fine, so it's obviously at your end. Have you tried standard troubleshooting techniques? Tried a new download? Etc . . . . .



I wanted to add, while the bottom outfit selections will include one for female like the male WITH the penis - I know Kinky World will 'attach' one to the base default barbie bottom when using the FUTA option. I only used the 'equip-able' one when being fancy with my outfit creations.



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