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Deviously Vanilla v0.2.9 - Re-upload

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This mod is up for adoption.

I am not an original mod author and I can't provide any support, sorry. 
Though the mod has been tested by me and seems to work perfectly fine.

All credit goes to the magnificent Targultoon - original mod author.

A re-upload of the last known version of Targultoon's Deviously Vanilla mod! 

Mod features:
- Extends and DDfies some vanilla Skyrim quests.
- A couple of Daedric artifacts will become a lot more lively.

- Hot dialogue, humiliation, blackmail, semiconsensual sex and device equips are present.
- As lore friendly as a DD mod can be.
- Injects devious devices into the stocks of some vanilla merchants and enables devices selling (if I remember it right).
- All features are detectable and tweakable via MCM.

- All DLC
- SexLab
- Sexlab Aroused
- Devious Devices v5+

Optional integrations:
- Sexlab Soulutions + Sexlab Confabulation (Only together, no separate support)

It is recommended to install this mod at the beginning of the game (before the The Way of The Voice quest). But nothing critical if not.

(Kinda) permission and source:

Thank you @Zaflis for keeping the mod.
Thank you @DOS213 for help in finding.

All credit goes to the magnificent Targultoon - original mod author.


  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Requires
    All DLC, Sexlab, Sexlab Aroused, Devious Devices v5+
  • Special Edition Compatible


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I miss this mod. I never knew what happened to it or Targultoon. Some type of drama I think. Such a shame.


Here's a link to the wayback machine for this mod. https://web.archive.org/web/20201216133617/https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/12033-up-for-adoption-deviously-vanilla/


I also have a copy of 0.2.9 with both the Solutions and Feminine Masque addons; If you want to add them to the download I can share them. I use it on SE, but if I remember correctly the mod works on both LE & SE.

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50 minutes ago, alkator979 said:

Looks very interesting, is there a chance this will be ported to SE?

+1 and cookies if someone could do a conversion. I heard about this mod way back but it was gone, and before my time :/

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38 minutes ago, kronnos44 said:

what does this mod contain exactly? never heard of it tbh

DD integration into some vanilla, SL Solution and Sl, Confabulation quests. You have settings to control exactly which you want.

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2 hours ago, kronnos44 said:

what does this mod contain exactly? never heard of it tbh

This is from the wayback machine from the original posting:



Vanilla Scenarios

  • Fit For a Jarl
  • Wabbajack
  • Losing or cheating in a brawl
  • Saarthal Amulet
  • Hired Thugs
  • A Blade in the Dark
  • Lod (Falkreath blacksmith)
  • Adrianne Avenicci, starts with Greatsword for a Great Man.
  • The Masque of Clavicus Vile
  • Arvel the Swift
  • Climb the Steps


  • Added: Break of Dawn (Meridia's Beacon)
  • Fixed: Klimmek forcegreet not triggering.
  • Fixed: Bug with the Clavicus Vile mask while using the Feminine Masque addon.
  • Fixed: Some errors in xEdit

0.2.8 (By @Shakx88)

  • Added new scenario in quest 'climb the steps'
  • Some backend tweaks
  • Script optimization
  • Messed with thugs scenario a bit, so that the last line won't get stuck and some other fixes. Need confirmation if everything is fine though, I wasn't able to trigger it on purpose.
  • Other bugfixes (By @Shakx88)

  • Fixed: incorrect equipping of random strict hobble straitjackets
  • Fixed: clavicus vile mask not counting events properly
  • Fixed: missing option in MCM under clavicus vile mask
  • Fixed: Better follower handling
  • Fixed: more stuff (By @Shakx88)

  • Fixed: Off-by-one error in device equipping
  • Fixed: Dialogue fragment names are now unique


Missing scripts added


0.2.7 (By @Shakx88)

  • Added: a new option in MCM (on by default).
  • Added: a new device (an edited mesh from DD, not sure about edit quality though).
  • Added: a new scenario in Bleak Falls Barrow. Will not trigger if the new option is on and you have a follower with you. Devices change depending on the following options: heavy bondage, strict hobble skirts, blindfolds. And on the way you act.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs in Lod's scenario (I hope all of them). (By @Shakx88)

  • Added: new scenario to Lod (available after reporting to him)
  • Fixed: Fixed conditions in Taarie's return dialogue
  • Fixed: Taarie is guaranteed to equip boots even if you leave the dialogue
  • Fixed: Modified scenario so that Taarie is guaranteed to jam the locks
  • Fixed: Added suspend/resume events to thugs scenario to prevent other mods from interfering

  • Fixed: Saarthal Collar unequip
  • Fixed: CV masque trick equip text. (don't laugh)

  • Fixed: dialogue conditions

  • Minor update
  • Fixed: A few bugs in Fit For a Jarl
  • Fixed: Feminine Masque addon now has a plugin for the merged master too.

  • Fixed: bunch of stuff



  • Actually fixed the infinite loop in sex equip this time.

  • Added: Even more dialogue in Fit For a Jarl
  • Fixed: Removed leftover script, taking out the plugs too early in Family Business
  • Fixed: Saarthal Collar's enchantment description properly displays the spell discount.
  • Fixed: Getting unlocked from the CV mask now plays out properly.
  • Fixed: The FOMOD installer should now actually install the proper files.


0.2.6 - Also includes some fixes since 0.2.6 beta2, so you should still update if you used that.

  • Added: Clavicus Vile's Mask.
  • Added: You can now reset some quests in the MCM, so you can redo them if you did them before installing.
  • Added: More dialogue in Fit For a Jarl.
  • Changed: Adrianne removes the plugs Ulfberth gives you from your inventory. No more free money.
  • Fixed: Delphine should now also play dialogue if activated, should fix some problems with scene not working.
  • Fixed: Suspend some mods during Ulfberth's binder escape scene.
  • Fixed: Ulfberth should no longer remove DD gloves.
  • Fixed: Delphine now removes cuffs before sex, so more animations are available.


Just noticed there were some scripts left in Overwrite, so they accidentally weren't included in

  • Improvements to Family Business and the Hired Thugs scenario, no longer has heavy bondage on before starting sex, since it lacks animations.
  • Minor improvements to the Hired Thugs quest, forcegreet starts smoother, and it should be more robust now.
  • Disabling hobble skirts now properly extends to straitjackets as well.

  • Fixed bug in FOMOD installer
  • Disallowing hobble skirts now actually does that.



  • Added general device customisation.
  • Added FOMOD installer
  • Fixed a bug where animals could equip devices on aggressive sex, but this is still toggleable in the MCM.
  • Fixed the intro scene with Blade in the Dark again
  • Fixed the Devious Shop of Adrianne/Ulfberth showing up on everyone.
  • Some other fixes

  • Small fix to stop dialogue from playing after getting the reward from Adrianne

  • Bugfixes and consistency fixes for Family Business

  • Fixed the scene when entering bedroom in Family Business



  • Finally spent some time to finish up the Adrianne scenario
  • Blade in the Dark should be fixed permanently now. (No more extra file needed.)

  • Fixed the scriptwise property not working if using AIO file.

  • Fix for A Blade in the Dark. If you already started the quest (Reading the note in Ustengrav triggers it, I believe), also use the other file to set a property scriptwise, since it otherwise will still be wrong. You can also load a save before starting the quest, if you prefer.

  • AIO version was completely broken. I have no idea how this happened, but if you were using it, it's probably a good idea to revert to a save before installing

  • Timing is Everything patch
  • Cleaned masters
  • Fixed Lod scenario not equipping devices.



  • Added Lod (Falkreath blacksmith) scenario
  • Fixed Saarthal Collar amulet being given when using shutdown feature in DDi MCM.

  • Got rid of MCM categories
  • Fixed a vanilla bug so that the Hired Thugs scenario happens more often (Thanks @HexBolt8 for bringing this to my attention)
  • Also decreased the time before the scenario happens again from 48 to 24 hours. Functionally this still ends up being 2-3+ days. But let me know if it's too much.
  • Some minor fixes to the scenario.

  • A Blade in the Dark scenario's dialogue quest now shuts down properly
  • Added some sanity checks



  • Added Delphine scenario
  • Expanded dialogue of brawl cheating
  • Some bugfixes
  • Hopefully improved flow of brawl loss, let me know
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot about.



  • Fixed random device selection not working



  • Mostly backend refactoring stuff
  • Device selection for Wabbajack and Universal Equip has been expanded
  • Some dialogue has been expanded
  • Minor bugfixes

  • Hired thugs and brawling quests now shut down properly when rape scenes are toggled off.

  • Fixed Wabbajack equip on others.



  • Added toggle for rape scenes
  • Expanded Saarthal Collar dialogue a bit

  • Also fixed the Vasha scenario not equipping. I am not a big fan of papyrus. (Also includes

  • Fixed Drevis Neloren not actually equipping devices.



  • Expanded Fit For a Jarl dialogue
  • Some slight variations in Fit For a Jarl outcomes
  • Forwarded USLEEP fixes
  • Fixed the dress in Fit For a Jarl not equipping

  • Added atronach toggle, atronach SLAL Animations are no longer needed.
  • Repeatable quest for Saarthal Collar can be turned off. Implementation is a bit hacky, but should be robust enough. Let me know if there are any problems.

  • Forgot to unmark the ESM flag on the main plugin, you don't need to download this if you use the merged file.



  • Added Hired Thugs scenario
  • SexLab Solutions: Ysolda now isn't much of a pushover anymore when trying to blackmail her.



  • Added Saarthal Collar quest. This one took a bit longer to make. Runs alongside the Saarthal quest, then becomes repeatable.

  • Script update to disable Sex Equip if a Defeat animation is started with Devious Captures installed. Will be included in next release.



  • Added a brawling loss/cheating scenario.

  • Forwarded USLEEP fix in Fit For a Jarl, so it becomes a favour quest and counts towards the Thane quest.



  • Hopefully fixed DD keywords for random devices.
  • Wabbajack should now be more responsive
  • Fixed Wabbajack/Aggressive Equip device customisations.

  • All in one version. Still needs the ZIA patch if you use it.



  • Added Wabbajack feature. Randomly equip a device on the player or on target (Configurable)
  • Patch for Zim's Immersive Artifacts (Allows the Wabbajack effects to trigger with ZIA installed)
  • Added universal equip feature. Any aggressive sex can apply devices. SexLab has limited debug tools, so not thoroughly tested. Probably causes incompatibility, but it was requested.

  • Cleaned masters, so optional mods are now actually optional



  • Refactored plugins, Solutions and Confabulation are now optional
  • Added device customisations
  • New scenario for Confabulation, when releasing Vasha in the abandoned shack, he now equips his bindings onto you
  • Removed the ability to disable a scenario. While this is removing a feature, it allows me to set up better dialogue flows.



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23 hours ago, ChandraArgentis said:

Hrrm... I did Break of Dawn (Meridia's Beacon), and didn't see anything happen. 

The mod should have MCM menu if i remember right. If it's not showing then it would be a sign that something went wrong with install, but check if you had to enable certain feature before doing quest?


And it is possible that the mod was last maintained with DD 4.x. Now with DD 5 there might be some minor issues... needs testing.

Edited by Zaflis
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On 6/15/2022 at 5:47 AM, alkator979 said:

Looks very interesting, is there a chance this will be ported to SE?


On 6/15/2022 at 6:38 AM, kaiteyc said:

+1 and cookies if someone could do a conversion. I heard about this mod way back but it was gone, and before my time :/


It mostly works for SE as is. I use it in SE now and pretty much everything works perfectly normal. You do need a clean save for a few things; like Meridia's beacon.

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1 hour ago, BillBellochek said:



It mostly works for SE as is. I use it in SE now and pretty much everything works perfectly normal. You do need a clean save for a few things; like Meridia's beacon.


Well darn, you're right when you're right. Thanks, seems to work wonderfully :D 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Anyone else getting a crash when Delphine tries to equip handcuffs? Last log entry is


[07/16/2022 - 11:28:17AM] [Zad]: LockDevice called for Leone: Iron Handcuffs)
[07/16/2022 - 11:28:17AM] [Zad]: OnContainerChanged()
[07/16/2022 - 11:28:17AM] [Zad]: OnEquipped(Leone: Iron Handcuffs)
[07/16/2022 - 11:28:17AM] [Zad]: Checking for active unequip operation for [Keyword <zad_DeviousHeavyBondage (0D05226C)>]
[07/16/2022 - 11:28:17AM] [Zad]: No active unequip operation running for [Keyword <zad_DeviousHeavyBondage (0D05226C)>]. Proceeding
[07/16/2022 - 11:28:17AM] [Zad]: No menus are open. Equipping silently.
[07/16/2022 - 11:28:17AM] [Zad]: Sending device event DeviceEquippedHandcuffs(Leone:1)


EDIT: Actually seems to crash equipping iron handcuffs at all, even outside this scenario... how odd (all other devices are working fine)


EDIT2: It was SMP! disabling FasterSMP temporarily stopped the crash when equipping the cuffs.

Edited by randomname002
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Would it be possible to change the gag given in A Blade in the Dark?  The existing plain one doesn't seem to really fit the dialog.  I would recommend either a ballgag harness, a panel gag, or a 'hardcore' option, which equips "The Silencer" on the player.  Using the hardcore option, at the 'conclusion' of the devious portion of the story, the NPC will tell the Dragonborn that she really didn't expect them to be legitimate, and they lost the key.  The Dragonborn will have to find their own way to remove it.

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On 7/20/2022 at 11:54 PM, ChandraArgentis said:

Would it be possible to change the gag given in A Blade in the Dark?

This mod does not seem to be in any sort of active development, it's simply a re-upload of a previously made mod.


However what you want can be arranged rather easily by opening up the quest in xedit or the creation kit and changing the respective script property to point to a different gag you want.

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Hi, I think on the first page of mod instructions, it should be mentioned that this mod is also compatible to SE or AE version. I did not play this mod purely because I thought this mod is only for LE. Only when I visit here and find out that this mod can also be played in SE version yet in the first page it should say no compaptible to SE.

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  • 2 weeks later...
4 hours ago, xyzxyz said:

What key do I need to unlock Delphines iron ring gag? She never unlocks anything after the dragon is dead and the next quest starts.


You talk to her and ask to unlock it after killing the dragon.

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