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Mix and match bodies

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Hey everyone. Im trying to use the hgec f cup upper body with the dmra bb lower body. I imported both into blender and "sewed" them together to remove the seam, then bisected them apart and saved each half separately as an upper and a lower. I deleted the skeletons and added a new one for each as well. When I enter the game, my characters body is either completely invisible, or the game just crashes altogether. What am I doing wrong? How can I make this work? Also, the skin on the lower body is too smooth and shiny for my tastes, how can I edit this? Thank you, I'm relatively new to modding so I'm flying blind here

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I cannot say for sure, though Lovers with PK / LAPF utilizes its own skeleton, replacing what is given by default.  That in itself COULD be the issue... incompatabilities?


Be that as it may, how similar is the DMRA body to the original BMRA (Big Melons Round Ass)?  If identical enough, there is the Setbody Reloaded System (>CLICK ME< that allows you to mix and match body types... a HGEC K cup (Massive bazoongas) with a BMRA BBB bottom, or a HGEC Exotic Hex-Core (six breasts) with a Claudia's Little Secret #10 (Junk-in-the-Trunk) ass.  It has DMRA in there, but not for mixing.  Lots o bods to choose or mix.

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Shiny skin: check the Skin settings in NifSkope.  especially gloss. See the upperbody setting and use the same settings for the lowerbody.


completely invisible:  normally a wrong testures path or wrong texture.  But the skin sttings in the Nif should be  NiMaterialProperty = skin  and upper,lower, foot NiTriShape/NiTriStrips  = foot  and the hand NiTriShape/NiTriStrips = Hand.  Then the game ignores the path in the nif and use the textures path in the esm/esm of the race (That's why you can use one body for all races )


And you will hardly find armor and clothes for the body.

You want HGEC F cup and DM ass ?

HGEC Fcup RA.jpg

Here the SetBody reloaded files.

HGEC upperbody F cup and F cup fighter version (more muscular)

The RoundAss Lowerbody without ass bones and with LAPF ass bones ( bone/ass stretching without the LAPF skeleton ! )

HGES hand

DM feet

Fcup DM.7z


So you need DM shoes , especially when there is visible skin at the foot-leg junction or you have a big gap.

HGEC gloves , gauntlet.  With DM  versions you will have a gap if there is visible skin . Most gloves , gauntlet should work with HGEC and DM versions.

The biggest problem is the upper-lowerbody seam. HGEC and DM are completely different and you have the big ass .  Most clothes and armory you and not mix. Anything with visible skin has large gaps.

Any upper body clothing/armor that reaches over the hips will stick in the ass.

So you can not use a full HGEC or DMRA armor-clothes replacers. You must use custom clothes. A Mod chest with armor, clothes for your player.

You can use ClothesConverter to customize clothes to your body. ( or use Blender)




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