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Implementing Lovers Sex Script In Mod


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Okay I'm going to drop the Link to the Original mod so it is not foreign to anyone who doesn't know about it.


http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/31576/? - Goranga Dating System


I have just been getting really good at editing mods with Construction Set. In fact I've already had experience in mod de-isolation and what not, getting an esp to become a master for other esps in order to use the information / items /abilities and things like that.


I'm using what knowledge I have to expand Goranga's Dating System. More Dialogue, gender neutral dialogue (more like male and female.), multiple marriages and so on. But there is this feature in Goranga's Dating System in the dialogue called "Maintain the Relationship". Theoretically it is sex, of course not really but it is the act of sex with no actual sex in it, so I wanted to combine Lovers sex and put it in so that starting that dialogue would actually initiate sex. How do I do this? 


I figure it would be easy if I could just find the dialogue in Lovers that starts "Hey I need to talk to you..." but I'm so far having problems finding this dialogue or any of it at all. I may be looking at the wrong esps but I'm pretty sure I've looked inside "Lovers with pk.esp", any thoughts?

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In addition to Dusk_ links - ThisOne

When creating a plugin for the LwPK system, it is best just to work from the esm (mastering), and deciding if you feel it is needed to be dependent on another plugin (like LoversAdultPlayPlus).


Good to see you are still around Goranga. You inspired me to actually start modding for myself.



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for a start you can

make your own dialogue ;check goodbye in the topic

and in the results script box put


Call xLoversCmnInitQuestInterface
    set xLoversQuest.Defence to Somequest.anNPC ;you ll find a way at this - put sth like--  set Somequest.anNPC to getself -in first line -ii must be a ref   in   your quest
    set xLoversQuest.Offence to player
    set xLoversQuest.SPos to 2; or 1 etc
    Call xLoversMainSafeStart

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I appreciate your message. I give you permission to attach lovers to my dating mod, off course. I am asking you here if you are willing to build a new mod, and to do that you suppose to study OBSE (all in your free time, at your own pace).  It should be understood that this is not a job, but fun project. 



Thanks for offering your help. I have some ideas that might work well, so do not worry about inspiration. I just require scripter willing to have some fun with the code, so that we can bring our ideas into life he he he. When you clear your schedule, please contact me.   

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Where can I begin learning about OBSE? If I can learn how to help with the project you're talking about I'd love to try. I'd rather do as much studying as I can now before I get back to college haha. At least by then if I know what I'm doing I can spend time helping instead of learning all the time.

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Thank you. Welcome to the team. My invitation is opened for everyone. It is still open for every other modder as well.


I am creating a website for both developers and mod lovers. On that website will be displayed news regarding development of mods, but forum will be present as well. The forum will have some parts for developers only, where concepts and mod development will be discussed or resources shared. I will give password to people like yourself to access these areas so that we can begin (tomorrow, probably). Other parts of forum will be available for everyone interested where people can discuss and suggest features. I will post the website link very soon.

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The site can be found here www.elitemods.allalla.com


Feel free to visit it and post. The site is all about well know topics: prostitution he he, dating, marriage and everything else social.  


I would especially like to invite modders to make themselves comfortable there. I will PM you password as I promised. New modders can go to the site's forum and apply to join. 


Looking forward to see you all there,


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