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Lovers with PK .esm needed

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If you have a Mod that need the lovers with PK.esm you need the full Lovers system ( The Oblivion sex system/ LAPF )



It is only the base system/framework ! You need Lovers Mods to have sex.


All you need to know before you start with Lovers. Right Oblivion installation, OBSE; plugins, nude body, . . .  a few suggestions for first Lovers Mods . . .



Here almost all Lovers Mods with short descriptions



Mods that are not compatible with Lovers




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Thank you fejeena,

I did download the LAPF but couldn't find the .esm I was looking for. i will look again and read the info in the links provided, and post back if I may ?

I did install the mod "Plunder" but it stated I needed the LAPF.esm file which I couldn't find.


Thank you  

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Hi fejeena,

 Thanks, I found the .esm etc in the fresh DL of LAPF. I am playing Oblivion now with a female character and not using  LAPF until I see what my playthrough looks like using Dalls_sex darkness, Dalls the Realm and Eroblivion . I know that using LAPF should be much better but I just want to try these first. I know reading posts that these Dall's mods are not compatible with LAPF so I am not mixing them.

I will install my LAPF + mods I have already downloaded a little later on.


I have downloaded OBSE 22.4.1, Male body replacer V52, MenuQue V16b . I see that the Pk.esm and the Pk.esp are showing as TesCsFiles ? Do these go into the Oblivion Data folder as usual ?

thanks for the help.  

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Yes all folder and all esm/esp


Lovers with PK.esm ! you have to install !

Lovers with PK.esp   ! you have to install !

LoversMB2.esp  (you don't have to install it, only if you want Masturbation. but a few other lovers mods use this mod. Better install it )
LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp   ! you have to install !
LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp  ! you have to install !



Again. read this




Yes Sexlivion/Sexdarkness better without Lovers/LAPF.

It is possible to play...  but bad things can happen.

e.g. Sexlivion/Sexdarkness and Lover Hookers. You have Sexlivion Sex but Lovers does not recognizes it as sex (different sex system)  and a customer (NPC)  asks you if he can fuck you (Lovers Hookers). He talks to you while you have Sex, the sexlivion animation are playing. Result: After Sex you stuck in the Sexlivion animations and you need console commands to fix it or load an old save.

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Hi fejeena,


Thanks for the info and help. Playing Oblivion as a female using Dall's mods does allow sex animations , but will suddenly put the camera into the roof. sky or way up high as though I have consoled TFC or TCL . I can move camera down to watch the animation though the camera is very sensitive to movements. It doesn't show the strap on I am using either ?


Anyway,  I though there would be problems and I am trying it out before installing LAPF. I have no doubt I will have more questions/problems and I appreciate your kind help and guidance .

Thank you again. 

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I still play Sexlivion ( and Lovers) without camera problems.  There is Sexlivion for girls version, the classic version with Cherry's Atelier in the MarketDistrict next to the gate to the ArenaDistrict.   (  I didn't like the Dall's upperclass version with "better" interior.  )


I have to disable some Lovers functions ( in ini files and in-game menus)  when I want to have Sexlivion Sex in public, But After I finished all Sexlivion quests I only have sex in Cherry's Atelier without problems and Lovers changes.


But Dall changed the sex system, it's more like the Lovers system, maybe it conflicts more.

So you do it right to play without Lovers.  But the camera bug is strange. Any camera Mod installed?



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Hi fejeena,

                             No camera mod  installed. I did visit the club where Cherry is the owner, is that the girls version you mentioned ?

I did notice that the sort of sex diary that shows what sex I had with males, females creatures etc shows all zero's ? Shame cos it would have been fun to see how active I have been.


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In Dall's upperclass version the shop is in the middle of the MarketDistrict .

With the original Sexlivion and the Sexlivion for girls Cherry's Atelier in the MarketDistrict next to the gate to the ArenaDistrict.  To the left of the gate.


And in all Sexlivion/Sexdarkness versions is no creatures sex ! . . . but I never played Dals's version , only watched it in the ConstructionSet.

You can have Sex with males and females and with dead NPC ( with dead NPCs not in all versions )

In the original and the girls version the diary worked.


Here all Links in post 4



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