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  1. Hi All, Starting up FNV and the strange noise and popup messages have stopped? I don't know why though, but that's good. A couple of other problems I have (I do seem to have a number of them sorry!) I'm trying to do the Slavers Hideout quest in Goodsprings and I need to talk to Shifty Pete who is wandering in front of Victor's shack. Trouble is when trying to get info from him the only options I have are to offer sex or goodbye/ I need to leave. How can I progress this quest? He was supposed to direct me to place where I get ambushed and enslaved before I can get free and take over this slave business. I know there are slave cellls in the basement behind Victors shack but I have no key ? Another strange event is that a "Disguised Frumentarius" of Caesar's lefgion keeps running up to me in the wastelands but says nothing and stands there ? I will post my load order to make it easier to help. Thank you. FNV Load order.txt
  2. Hi All, Thanks for your replies. I have the strange sound and messages re slavery equipment each time I start up and play from a saved game. I will try loading an earlier save and see if it helps. I'm obviously trying to start a slavery playthrough in FNV as a female character. I'm not sure how to post a piece/video of the strange sounds and messages though. I'll try an earlier save and post back the results. Thanks for the responses .
  3. Hi, Sorry to be a pain and it's probably my end that's messed up but here's the problem. I get the constant "drumming/tapping" sound as when you drop something from your inventory and top Left of the screen a stream of messages showing "Slave collar removed, slave collar added, slave collar was equipped, New slave token added. Any help appreciated.
  4. Hi dongding, Sorry for late reply. I don't remember deleting saves from that location but I will have a look and see what's in there. Thanks for the response.
  5. Hi, I have this message popup on startup using NVSE . "Sexout: your nvse cosave seems to be unavailable. sexout is reinitializing to compensate, but you will likely have problems in other mods. I don't really see any problems with my sexout mods so I'm baffled why this message ? Any help please to explain . Thank you.
  6. Thank you dborg2, I simply could not see the .esm file name. I will look at your guide, thanks.
  7. Sorry this may be an old thread and I know it's me being dim but having downloaded SCR to get the .esm ,I still can't see the .esm file amongst the download. I want to manually install this. Thanks for any help, and sorry if I am reviving an old thread..
  8. Hi myuhinny,, I'm sorry but I'm so nOOby that I don't even know how to give you a link to a .jpeg file that I can't view. It is all .jpeg files on the LL site. Sorry.
  9. Hi , I'm sorry for the nOOb question but I cannot open .jpeg files in LL. I tried Chrome and IE but no good. I am using Win 10 with good specs. Any ideas please?
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