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I give up. Help w/ this minor naming issue


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This armor mod is a UNPB conversion of this armor mod.  However, the armors in the UNPB conversion use exactly the same set of names that the original mod does, and thus I can't have both mods installed without one overwriting the other.  This is problematic because I have a variety of different body types in my game and I'd like to be able to use both the original and the conversion in the same game.


So my question is, would anyone be willing to just rename one or the other such that they don't conflict with one another?  I'd imagine (or I'm hoping, at least) that it's a relatively quick and simple fix.



I tried to do it myself by just renaming the .nif and .dds files, but for some reason that didn't work.  I ended up with glitched armor that turned bodies invisible below the neck.


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Here you go. Modified PLCS ADEC


I've modified the ADEC version to use unique meshes so that you can have the UNPB version installed alongside and be able to use both without clashing. The texture directory is unmodified because they both use the same resources and making unique versions of those is unnecessary.

I've also modified the Recipe and Tempering records.

The armor pieces are named: "<colour> PLCS ADEC" where <colour> denotes the colour of the item.


Have fun.

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Thank you so much.  May I ask exactly how you did it for future reference?  There's a few other things I'd like renamed as well, but I don't want to have to pester anyone to do it for me if I can learn to do it myself.

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have you tried using Mod Organizer? If you're using an outfit that is the exact same but for different bodies, then the directory trees will be different, and therefore shouldn't really be overwriting. Mod Organizer doesn't overwrite files and therefore because of the different load order and dir location you wouldn't have file problems.

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