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Any good household size increase mods that are compatible with wickedwhims?

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MCCC does have that option (click any computer in-game > MCCC Settings > Gameplay Settings > Maximum Household Size) and allows you to go up to 100 IIRC.

To edit Sims beyond the regular eight ones, you need to use the "Modify in CAS" option that can be found in MCCC when clicking on a Sim, because CAS can't handle more than eight Sims. Also keep in mind that a game patch can cause problems with "oversized" households, if MCCC hasn't been updated as well.

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On MTS, Twisted Mexi and Claudia Sharon offer mods that allow increase of household.  They can also be found on respective creator's patreon free, I think.

Only problem is that it nixes using CAS because when household is over 8 sims if you go directly into CAS, all but 8 disappearing into the ether or whatever. 

Routinely, I use the Claudia Sharon  flavor (which still allows sims to get pregnant up to 25 sims on lot) w/o any WW conflicts.

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