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mfgconsole.dll/storageUtil.dll are not valid

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Well I've done everything I can think of. I'm using the Sexlab full mod and  "MfgConsole.dll is not a valid dll" as well as the "StorageUtil.dll is not a valid dll"  keeps popping up. I know for a fact my SKSE is correct as its being used by numerous other mods without issue and I know the sexlab is SE. In truth my game runs fine, sexlab works as it should but the message keeps popping up.

I'm currently running on Vortex and up until this point I haven't had this issue. I installed sexlab earlier but couldn't get it to work so I used Flowergirls for a bit. After coming back to it its working now but some of my mods seem to be having mod conflicts and I can't figure out why.


The only reason I'm asking about it is cause my Amazing Followers tweak mod isnt working at all, so I'm trying to fix any and all issues I can find. Any ideas are appreciated as I have no fuckin Idea what to do.

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49 minutes ago, Just Don't said:

Weird since Sexlab for SE doesn't include mfgconsole.dll

You surely have a version of SL not made for SE.


BTW this isn't tech support for SE.

Whoops sorry, Im a little new to all this. But Im almost certain I downloaded the SE version. Ill look at it more later. Thanks

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