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Some objects can't be used for s3x

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My The sims 4 version for macOS Big Sur 11.6 

WickedWhims ver 166a September 10th 

Tried for all saved files

Did deleted 2 mod files and re-installed


Everything went smoothly for the past week, but just now when I entered the game, I found out that some objects (such as couch, double bed...etc) could not be used to have s3x. Some seems to work normally. I did installed some other mods (MANY!!!) after WickedWhims, so I'm not sure if it's related to confliction. Anyone knows if WickedWhims conflicted with any other mods? Otherwise, please help me resolve this issue. Any smallest help is very much appreciated. 


Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 01.56.50.png

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 01.57.00.png

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 01.57.07.png

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 01.57.13.png

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12 hours ago, hereformysims1111 said:

I did installed some other mods (MANY!!!) after WickedWhims, so I'm not sure if it's related to confliction.

It looks like one of the 'many' mods has broken Wicked Whims.

Now you have to find it.

Copy those mods to another location and remove them from your game.

Delete your 'localthumbcache.package' file from your Sims 4 Folder.

Test to see if it works properly.


Put them back in a bit at a time and test again. Eventually you'll find the mod that is causing issues.





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5 hours ago, hereformysims1111 said:

List of the mods I installed around the time issue happened

Last I heard some of the KS - Slice of Life Modules haven't been updated yet and are still broken.


MC_Woohoo won't work alone as you also need the main mod MC Command Center installed.


When you add new mods into game only add one or two at a time and test them instead of adding a whole bunch at once.

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