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Where's the Sexy Clothing for Men?

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There are countless x-rated outfits for women, peek-a-boo, see through, cosplay etc. Meanwhile my men Sims are stuck with either going nude or running around in a pair of skimpy undies. So far I've found one see through mesh  top, a pair of unzipped pants with penis showing (this file hasn't been updated since 2017) and some booty-out thongs on various sites. Is there anything else out there for our men?

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E404P lowered pants and shorts.  Julie J's open shirts and jackets, fallen jeans, bulge jeans and underwear. Metalfenix leather vest and leather jacket at ModtheSims.  Kijiko open shirt.  Narci-ism bulge slider will work with some Sims 4 pants, most full body clothes and Kokuosims jockstrap.    VSimmers  bulge pants and underwear.  Theuso's add-on bulge is a fixed size but will work on all Sims 4 pants. 

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