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[Search] Being a stripper...

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it has the strip function


see script source


    if DanceStrippingAllowed.GetValueInt() == 1
        DanceStrippingAllowedInt = 1


But it overwrites TDF aggressive prostitution scripts, they are the same, assume it's an derivate



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This sounds good, but I don't know about these TDF scripts. I do not currently have any specifically prostitution mods. So it'll probably be fine with my current set up. The posts made comment about it being compatible with 'Dance For You, Dance For Me' with FNIS, which of course I have. But I wonder the effect it may have on "The Kinky Princess Inn' mod. I think I'll try to install it, and see what it tries to overwrite.


Anyway, thanks as always ?




Well, I installed it. No overwrites, so that's a good sign it'll work out.

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