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Shower and Toilet Sex is Stacking...

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1 hour ago, Jimi123 said:

Is there any Option to disable the Shower Solo sex or in general to  disable Solo sex couldnt find it in the options... ? Cause i get 5 Sims in 1 toilet and fapping like hell... looks weird even if i disable the toilet as sex object they still gonna use it... 

WW Settings/Sex Settings/Sex Interaction Settings/Advanced Sex Interaction Settings: Sex Location Reservation ON (enabled)


You can also disable objects by doing the shift+click > Wicked > Sex > Disable for Autonomy cheat.


Go into Build Buy and search for Sex and you will see the 'No Sex in Room' signs so you just put them in rooms you don't want sims using.


When you get tired of seeing your sims doing solo sex every 5 minutes....

WW Settings > Sex Settings > Autonomy Settings > Autonomy Triggers: Solo Sex OFF (disabled)


You can also make it happen less frequently...

WW Settings > Sex Settings > Autonomy Settings > Autonomy Specifics: Random Solo Sex Probability (0.03)

(Adjust that number to your personal preferences, but I found I had to go quite low to see any difference in frequency)



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