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  1. [The Trapped Hunter] I changed some dialogue to hopefully make sure people don't mistakingly go too deep. Any Tips ? i am still going complete through... it... and nothing ?
  2. Same here ? the carrerer is working but not the website for streaming or to start ur first web video.... ? Anything missing ?
  3. About "The Trapped Hunter" and Raldbthar i need a hint for what i am searching and especially where ? I cleaned it now and run again and again inside and still searching to continue the Quest but i dont know what to do now.. I dont wanna spoiler anything but i just need the next step... or maybe i did sth wrong... i dont know xD thx And by the way i liked this Story especally the start with the thief It was good and we need more of it
  4. Are there any new items that i missed ?... again i cant see the armbinder and the leg restraints prisoner Armbinder : id 3c0f89b9 base 000a760c i already have done bodyslide, fnis and checked the versions of dda, ddi, ddx. Every other armbinder is visible on my body. By the Way lockpicking is always a success ? Even on hardest settings ? thx
  5. dont know if its already know but in solitray or death row u get nothing after u put ur arms through the bars for secured transport ? and then he just rapes u and nothing happens then...
  6. Found an item like "Elbowbinder " normal its invisible if equipping or isnt it yet implented ? or what could be wrong ?
  7. ok works fine so far.. but they killed my headless follower twice and then i got stucked and yes was waiting endless in dawnstar and still get bounty after jail ( yeah ofc i know tdetect) but yes.. Maybe add female guards only because if i get them it works better then with the fat male ones XD thx for the work^^
  8. its installing in nmm and now progessbar or sth its just installing endless... any tipp? it feels like if i quit and restart its activated but then i crash on loading a game or starting... had the same issue on expansion... or how long shall u wait for it ? cursed loot worked somehow...
  9. ok my player got executed i had just turned off any pop restraints because it seems they couldnt be removed or sth, next step after lead through the door the leading guard was behind me and the other in front of me so he couldnt pass, because its very tight on the stairs. i just released my pc from lead let leading guard going and reseted my bounty after "escaping" via console then i just forced ai to leash again and it was all fine. i was leashed to the gallow in falkreath. some screens one other problem was my pc seemed to be to fast... so i pressed alt an
  10. ok killing npcs is now working fine except in soltiude it seems its gettin behind and under the ground in front of the execution block but its playin, seemd its another execution block than vanilla because of this mod ? if the pc get choosen and in pop there is no dialouge there is no forced ai controll (leash) and u cant go through doors because ur in pop and if u leave the cell ur "escaped" get a bounty and the next guard will catch u again.. so that isnt working yet maybe u could add some devices to haning like a hood or devices in general. In riften they
  11. yep they are coming in the jail but always pick npcs.. mh strange... pls add more variations of executions guillitne etc there is a lot of in zap 8+ ^^ thx
  12. mh worked at the first time but then path was bugged i tried it myself so it worked then, but myself doesnt seem to get executed or sth they dont wanna show up... could u maybe add more devious from za 8+ there are guillotines in the test chamber, execution chairs and more just look there through ^^
  13. Yes finally thx i missed so many deadly zaz furnitures in the world to be used
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