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Simple incest mod

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11 hours ago, Flunkert said:

Is there a simple mod that allows incest?

Most mods that trigger incest are explicit porn or focus on other topics, I just want a mod that allows my sim to marry his sister.


I've used the NRaas Woohooer for this. You can easily allow incest with it without any consequences!? 

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On 9/4/2021 at 4:40 PM, Flunkert said:

sim to marry his sister


I guess I can jump in here . . . . .


No. Not in the 'purest' form - there will always be imperfections.


EA as a company designed the game to work a specific way. While mods will change certain things, there are game designs built so deep into the foundation of a game with many of it's parts dependent on these specific functions that no mods can completely rewrite the way the game was designed to work.


Monogamy is one of those features. Sims can only have one steady partner, and marriage is just an expansion of that idea. There have been mods made which remove certain blocks to features allowing for multiple marriage partners. So Weddings can happen with more than just 2 Sims. Yet the game will only recognize the first one with respect to game mechanics. Changing 'flags' within files is one of the simplest and most abundant examples of 'MODifying' the program. This can allow many things to happen which had specific filters created to SIMulate life in a game.


Changing a flag in the game so a Brother and Sister (or any combination of family members) can get 'married' is easy, but getting hundreds of other game mechanics to recognize that simple change isn't.



> A simple example: Married couples can and will break up. If this happens in public, others witnessing it will receive a negative moodlet from witnessing such an event (like death). EA was nice enough to offer the player a lifetime points perk called 'Stone-Hearted'. By having this perk, that Sim won't gain a negative moodlet if they witness the break-up of a married couple. This is just a very small feature which is attached to other game mechanics leading back to the monogamous relationship design.

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