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Claire Outfits - Fusion Girl

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Claire Outfits - Fusion Girl

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Claire outfits from RE



-Fusion Girl


-Bodyslide and Outfit Studio (Optional, Recommended): Included meshes are zero sliders, you need to build the outfit in bodyslide to fit it to your preset.




Donwload the file, install with any mod manager. Make sure the esp is active. (It's esl flagged so it won't take max esp space).


To fit the outfit to your body shape open bodyslide and build all outfits in "RE Claire FG" group with your FG preset.




Add two Claire outfits from RE, with two versions each.


Has some armor value and some charisma bonus and can be upgrade with ballistic and miscellaneus weave. Also can be legendary upgrade, provide you have a mod that add legendary modification.


Everything can be build at chem station under the category "RE Claire". Use the armor workbench to swap the different outfits.




-MIH version also have a port from VTAW (and a FG conversion by myself). This is however a 100% new port made from scrath. I fit it better to FG than my original conversion and change some things at my own taste (for example remove the horrendous knife).




-Capcom: Resident Evil 


-Fusion Girl - 3BBB by Team ZeX

-BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente




-Don't use any assets here for any commercial or paywalled purposes.


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19 hours ago, Paritie said:

Thats amazing. Thanks :) Is there a way to convert it to CBBE or am I supposed to study Bodyslide to convert it ?



No CBBE version by me, as I don't use CBBE (and anyway I don't really have time for modding right now) but if anyone want ot make it and share it go for it.

There's a claire outfit for CBBE from Vtaw, not the same outfit but the same look (only the MIH version as far as I known): 


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Hey,  thank you very much for the fast reply :)  I was already using this outfit back in the days and also tried to create a mashup, that came very close to the RE 2 Remake tank top and jacket, thats why I'm very glad someone actually created that outfit. Thank you again for your very nice work. 


And don't worry I'll take my time to  convert it on my own and it kinda worked so far, but I'm currently struggleing with the vertices, that are not bound to bones which currently cause some very weird artefacts ingame, but I'm pretty sure there is a way to fix that.

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