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Loading Animation and CAS

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just a Quick and i hope an easy solution for this ^^ 

My Problem or better to say dont know what to do it says Cas Parts loaded 389 from 543 as an example and Animations like 3460 from 5300. 

So how to get 5300 from 5300 ? if that is even possible or is there an CAP ? and what exactly are these Cas Parts ?

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Not sure about the CAS parts (maybe those are body parts or stuff for Sims being nude in CAS), but for me, animations not being loaded has always been due to either the animation being faulty or missing props. There is a section in the WW log, where all of those will be listed, including the reason why they are not available in-game.


If an animation is faulty (e.g. incorrect data for duration or actors), you can't really do much about it, AFAIK. I think, the animation creators would have to "fix" those, but I don't know the first thing about animating for WW (or in general).


If props are missing, you either don't have the DLC they come with or you need to download some CC. There's usally something like a list for those or a download link somewhere in the changelog/update notes.

And if you're not averse to getting your hands dirty with some file editing in Sims 4 Studio, there's even a way to create DIY replacements for props you simply cannot find anywhere:


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Okay thx but " 08/31/21 20:27:59 [MAIN/INFO] Skipping loading CAS Part Handler WickedWhimsCUMFACEDefault by WickedWhims caused by missing CAS part " and other Cum from wicked.... so cant find anything via Google  And i already used the search function for old topics... 


okay yep have found a lot of issues by Quin, Cherrypie, bobahloo, Tlayer etc...

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